With so many amazing styles of bags around these days, I find it quite hard to choose the right one for University. I want it to be practical but at the same time I’m a fashion student and want something that is on trend. The handbag that seems to be going around at the moment is either a block coloured style bag or the animal print/snakeskin style which I’m slowly falling in love with. The only downside to them is that they are just big enough to fit your compact mirror, card holder and phone in – not leaving much room for other things.

I’m probably in the majority of people who don’t own one of those drop dead gorgeous Gucci bags, or lucky enough to own one of the many advertised on vogue handbags either but they are lovely! Any who, I’ve had a bit of a browse on the old internet and come up with a wishlist of my favourites from the high street to help some of you with the getting back to school kit.

If your only having to carry around a few notebooks and pens, perhaps your homemade lunch of a soggy sandwich, banana and Aldi’s crisps that you could opt for a tote bag. They are the most popular bags to choose from. I love the Lush one as it’s really spacious and you can fit so much into it. The downside is that it doesn’t actually have an inside pocket so it can end up being a bit like Mary Poppins and you don’t really know what your going to come across by Friday evening.

As I mentioned earlier the animal print seems to be in season at the moment with this backpack option from ASOS or this snake effect one I found on Topshop.

For me, I tend to go for a backpack, which I am on the lookout for one nowadays, I just find that if you have a lot to carry around on the daily like myself then this is a good option. It takes to weight from one shoulder and balances it out across your back which can only be a positive right?! I love the plain black design of this one that’s in New Look however my favourites are always between the oh-so-famous Fjallraven Kanken backpacks that I am sure everyone has seen and the Cath Kidston bags.

What is your current bag that you use for University? I’m still on the lookout for one that can help fit my laptop and DSLR in but for now I think I’ll be using this Accessorize one!

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