So your probably coming across this blog post thinking I am talking about creating a business for yourself and some ways I am but not in the style you think. There are so many opportunities available for everyone to grab the hands around that sometimes its difficult to know which is the ‘correct‘ path to take. But how do you even begin to work out what’s the right one for you?

When I left school, I felt as though connextions pushed me into making a decision to stay and do my A Levels even though it may not have been the right decision for me. At the time I kind of wanted to go to university but more importantly I had no clue what I wanted to do at all and that’s okay! Skip forward nine years later and I’ve been a university drop out twice and had plenty of jobs that I have either enjoyed or had to talk myself into ‘it’s giving me money’ mindset to get me to actually go to work. It’s so important to be able to try new things so you can figure out what you enjoy and what you definitely don’t want but its also okay to take a long time in figuring this out because it’s YOUR CAREER.

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For those regular readers and followers, you will know that I’ve been working as a sales assistant for a high street store and in all honesty I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – that in itself has surprised me. I’ve made some friends and learnt so many new experiences with them. I’ve surprised myself with how much I love being able to speak to customers and deliver a service that they will hopefully remember. I also know that I really enjoy the styling, trends and visual merchandising of the store which I would love to learn more information about hence why I’ll be going back to studying the subject at a College close to me.

So your probably going to be shocked to hear that I am actually leaving my retail job over the summer to support my local NCS programmes. I’ve always suffered with low self-confidence and esteem but working with the Prince’s Trust on a number of courses has helped me feel a lot more confident about myself and my decisions which is why I’m looking forward to this experience. For those of you wondering what it actually is; the NCS is a voluntary personal and social development programme funded by the government for 15-17 year olds. I’ve been given the opportunity to become a Support Mentor across the whole of the Summer which I am super excited for but also quite nervous as it will give me a lot of new challenges. It’s something completely different to what I have done before regarding jobs but if I can help one young person come out of their shell this Summer then I would have done my job and that’s what matters.

Okay I realise I’m probably speaking a whole load of garbage so if you have read up to this point congratulations you deserve a cuppa! The point I am trying to get to is that it’s okay to not know what your doing with your life. Yeah, it is important that you need a form of income to live or just buy products to review and feature on your blog or for the internet allowance so we can keep up to date with social media but your happiness should come before that. Not happy with that retail job? Do something about it! Even if it’s voluntarily offering your experience in something that you are interested in alongside your current job because you never know where that will lead. Fancy giving up your job to travel? Do it! You only have one life, your career can wait a couple of months if that is what you want to do. No matter what you chose to do in life you will always be gaining some sort of experience or learning new skills that you may not have picked up previously. A part of us do just want to settle but what’s the fun in just settling.

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