Is there anything from Superdrug’s own range that I don’t like? Nope, definitely not! Not only are the own branded products, including the B. range cruelty free but most are suitable for vegans as well. Amongst the cruelty free beauty bloggers world, Superdrug is the best place to shop for essentials and so far I haven’t picked up something that I have been disappointed with. I love the Coconut & Sweet Almond range, in fact they are staples in my bathroom, but I finally picked up the Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner which they brought out last year and have been eager to try since.

The washing duo claim to ‘hydrate the hair without residue, give a healthy-looking shine and help prevent hair from becoming dry‘. After washing my hair with this combo, it felt clean and nourished without feeling too heavy. The scent smells amazing and lingered around my hair up until my next wash. It smells fresh, summery and rather like watermelon. Even after drying my hair, the washing duo leaves it looking healthy, clean and silky-soft. I have thick, normal to dry hair so I’m unsure of the outcome if you have oily hair but I can imagine it would work wonders if you have damaged ends like me.

An affordable pair for soft, nourished hair! I’m definitely going to be picking up the Conditioning Masque sometime soon…

Have you spotted these on the Superdrug shelves recently? What’s your holy grail haircare combo? Let me know your thoughts.

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