If you have been a long term reader of my blog then you will know how much I love the Lush Kitchen. Surprisingly I haven’t actually posted a Kitchen Haul since April! Don’t worry though, I’ve made up for it with my recent purchases…


Dreamwash was one of the first shower smoothies I brought when I started buying into Lush. Last year I was so upset when it was discontinued, praying it would appear in the shops soon so when I saw it in the Lush Kitchen a couple of weeks ago I just needed to order a tub. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dreamwash Roulade that you can buy from shops but it’s just something about the consistency that I don’t find as good as the smoothie. Dreamwash is really good for calming irritated skin such as eczema; pair it with Dream Cream for the perfect eczema relieving treatment. I also picked up Starcraft cleanser which was actually my first ever Kitchen purchase last year. The best way to describe it is like Angels On Bare Skin but in a bottle form that just requires cotton wool pads or a warm cloth. It has almond oil which is really hydrating for the skin and lavender flowers for deep cleansing and soothing redness.

Next up is the Flying Sauces Bubble Bath. I’ve never actually seen a bubble bath made by Lush previously so I just needed to pick this up. It has ylang ylang oil that helps relax the mind and body which has been brilliant for stressful times and helping me to get to sleep quicker. I have found since using the product that you need a lot more product to create as much bubbles as you would get from a bubble bar but it has certainly been a lovely treat. I think the scent would be so unusual for a perfume as well so I am anxiously waiting for that! Whilst we are on the subject of sweet scented products – I also picked up Heavenly Bodies which I’ve heard so many good things about. It smells exactly like Terry’s chocolate orange with uplifting orange blossom and cocoa extracts. The coconut oil and cocoa butter make the formula softening and moisturising whilst the orange juice and orange blossom infusion uplifts your mood.

Do you know when they brought out all the exclusive Christmas scented perfumes last year? Well I was one of the unlucky ones who didn’t manage to get my hands on the liquid Rose Jam perfume but when I saw this little pot of solid goodness appear in the Kitchen; I was one of the first to grab my hands on one. I’ve never used a solid perfume before but it is so handy for traveling light and has quickly become a handbag essential. The scent is much stronger than carrying a body spray in your bag so it lasts a lot longer on the skin. I apply to my wrists, neck and the back of my ears to get the full effects and I am often complimented on the scent.


As you can probably tell I am head over heals about shower gels, especially the ones that Lush make. The lather up lovely and the scent lasts at least a good 24hrs after washing with them. I have picked up Grass and Ghost which are two very different scents. Grass is a rather fresh scent and much reminds me of that lovely scent of cut grass. Although I love the smell of cut grass, it is a pain in the back because of my hayfever so this is a lovely way to still enjoy the scent without the red eyes and constant running nose. The wheatgrass juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that are all good for your skin whilst the neroli oil helps uplift your mood. Ghost, on the other hand, is a much more gentle scent with rose petals and dove orchid infusion that gently cleanses, soothes and calms the skin much like Dreamwash.

Lemslip was another buttercream that I picked up and I’ve quickly fallen in love with. It has the refreshing zesty scent that obviously cheers you up when your feeling down but also includes the moisturising and skin-softening cocoa butter which is one of my favourite ingredients. When you open the lid, the strong lemon sherbet scent comes rushing out of the product making you want to lather your whole body in the stuff. And maybe run to your local supermarket for sherbet lemon sweets…

I didn’t really pick up that many bath products as I have quite a large selection of my favourites at the moment however I picked up two Pooh Stix after trying it from a friend at the start of the year. The cinnamon and liquorice scented ball of goodness has been a god send when I’ve been struggling to sleep. It doesn’t do much to show off but you can certainly feel the benefits after stepping out the bath. I also picked up Rainbow Worrior after hearing good things about the bath bomb too. It has a lot of uplifting scents such as bergamot and vetivert oil to uplift your mood whilst the sandalwood oil helps relax your mind and body. Keep an eye out on my Instagram page for the outcome of what it looks like once it’s in the bath.

Finally, I got my hands on the Pleasure Dough Bubble Bar. It has all the ingredients which I love from Lush including lavender flowers and oil, orange flower absolute and rose absolute which all help make my eczema ten times better although once I had a sniff of the product it smells quite manly which is not what I was expecting. I think it would be lovely with Guardian of the Forest as they are both quite woody scents or as a gift for any men in your life.

Have you brought anything from the Lush Kitchen recently? I currently have another two orders that are being processed! Let me know if you managed to get your hands on any of these too.

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