We have all heard of Lush. I read about them a lot, I write about them daily over on my little corner of the internet and I am like a little child at Christmas when the new collections are released each season. I am addicted to the #lushie’s hashtag on Instagram and I regularly go into my local Lush to just talk to the staff and pick up my current favourites. However the one thing I never really see over the blogosphere is the talk of their massage bars. In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical myself at first until I went to Lush Warrington a couple of weeks ago and tested out Soft Coeur.


The naked massage bars are all made with a base of cocoa butter that is designed to melt at body temperature. Did you know that 35% of products that Lush sell are served without packaging? As the sales assistant (I really can’t remember her name, sorry!), glided the bar along my arms and hands my skin not only smelt amazing but it felt so much more nourished and moisturised. Without any doubt in my mind, I just needed to pick one up.

Soft Coeur is a comforting sweet-toffee scent that is made from an array of oils. The almond oil, honey and shea butter all help the bar to melt quickly on the skin and help moisturise dry skin. If you have eczema like me, this is certainly one to try as the honey is an antiseptic ingredient which helps delicate skin. It also includes sweet wild orange and bergamot oils to boost your mood. After using the massage bar, it smells much like melted chocolate that has been smothered all over your body and of course you have super soft skin. I honestly don’t understand why I was so nervous to explore them in the first place.

I have recently been using the bar in the evenings whilst I am watching a TV programme or film before bed. Not only has a mini self-massage has helped improve my sleep, which my body is always thankful for, but it has been reducing my anxiety levels.

Have you ever tried one of the massage bars from Lush? What’s your thoughts? Let me know which one is your favourite.

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