From left to right: Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly

After discovering how fantastic the Sleek blushers are, I don’t think I have brought from another brand since. Maybe that’s a bad thing, who knows?! Today I thought I would share with you my views and thoughts on one of my Summer essentials, the Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Lace.

At first the colours looked as though they are too light for my skin tone and I would need to build them up quite a bit, but after using the palette non stop for a week I was wrong. Crochet is a lovely orange, Guipure is a shimmery rose gold and Chantilly is a dark coral almost pink. I think the reason why the palette has quickly became such a Summer favourite is no matter what the occasion, this palette will do you wonders. (I took it to London with me and it was the only thing I had other than a bit of concealer and powder.)

Crochet and Chantilly are quite powdery and are both easy to build up to how subtle you want them. Guipure is the one I have found to be using the most. Allow it is a lovely rose gold shade with a shimmery finish, I have found that it works perfectly for day or night looks. It’s also perfect for giving your cheeks a bit of colour when you’re horribly ill and pale and generally can’t be bothered.

As I previously mentioned with the handy compact mirror and the thin packaging, the palette is perfect for travelling and can easily fit into any make up bag. If Lace isn’t for you then you have the choice of seven other colour combinations. I think at £9.99, you really can’t complain about getting three good quality blushers.

Have you tried any of the Sleek blushers?