Weekend Away Skincare

Recently I have fell in love with skincare and I know that it’s super important to keep this in check even when your only going away for the weekend. I have been on quite a few weekends away while writing this little blog of mine and since staying at Edd’s at least once a week, I have found some god sends that help me look after my skin even when I am away from home. These items I have been using really are the ‘star of the show’ in my wash bag.

I usually take my Starcraft Cleanser (review here) and Eau Roma Water Toner everywhere with me. They are small enough to fit into my wash bag and usually do the trick however sometimes you just can’t be bothered with the whole cleanse, toner and moisturise routine especially when you are wanting to enjoy your time away, that’s where the B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes come in rather handy. Now I am not suggesting you use this as an option every night of the week but they are brilliant to travel with when your wanting to enjoy the last few moments of that beautiful city you have fell in love with. They cleanse the skin (including removal of waterproof mascara that is usually a bitch to take off), tones the skin with a pH balanced formula and soothes the skin as it is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Cucumber extract. Do you know what is even more amazing? They are cruelty free too!

Weekend Away Skincare

Bria Organic Skin Cream* has been one of my favourite moisturisers since I was lucky enough to receive it through the post. With a pea-sized amount, I am able to moisturise my face after cleansing during the evening, before applying my makeup in the morning and taking care of my eczema and dry skin areas across my body. I have wrote a full review here but honestly if your a lover of Lush’s Dream Cream then this is a brilliant travel size friendly option.

Usually when your staying somewhere over night, more than likely there is a bath but I still want to have a luxurious shower. The Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel or any of the 100g shower gels are small enough to travel with, leave you smelling amazing and guaranteed they will last you for a couple of breaks away too. I leave Beautiful at Edd’s house all the time. What more could you ask for?! I usually follow this with one of The Body Shop’s Body Butters. The Shea Butter is my current favourite because it helps keep my skin moisturised and hydrated during the winter months.

If I choose to take a face mask with me then I have been opting for my newest addition; Botanicals Rose Clay and Rosehip Revitalising Mask. A full review is expected next week however I will leave you with this: it leaves my skin feeling nourished, moisturised and a lot cleaner. Finally, I throw in my box of Dirty Toothy Tabs because they are great for travelling and leave you with a spearmint breath and sparkling teeth.

What skincare products do you take away with you? Have you got any staples?