I have had my heart set on one of Sighh Designs products for ages. The phone cases in particular are my favourite so when Polly added some new products to the shop,  I couldn’t help myself to a treat or two.

Sighh Designs

If there is one thing us bloggers have in common then it is writing lists, being organised and collecting notebooks whether that it is to write our lists in or for props in photos for social media. I picked up the ‘I totally have my life together’ notebook in the hope to sort my life out and my finances which I spoke about at the start of the year. I do have a bit of a thing for motivational quotes at the moment and feel that this really helps as to inspire me to do something with my life. I keep missing out on the cute fruit printed phone cases so I settled for this one. The veggies case is very fitting with my vegan lifestyle, don’t you think?!

Sighh Designs

Last but not least is the everyday tote bag. I find these style of bags are so much more useful than handbags at times. I use my Lush one every single day when I am going to University or anywhere that I need to take my laptop with me. I have also been told that if your the type of person that bags break because they are so heavy then, canvas bags are much better to use. I like the print on this bag because it just screams ‘me’. I am forever throwing in random change, receipts from different places I have been too and always on the hunt for my keys buried in deep at the bottom of my bag.

Overall the service from Sighh Designs was really quick and efficient. Polly, who writes her own blog at Polly Vadasz is so wonderful herself and you should definitely follow her on Twitter (she is very entertaining!). I love supporting brands like these and feel as though you get more of a personal service from them that what you would with a massive company.

Have you brought any of her products yet?