It’s about time I added some sparkle into my Christmas bath bomb reviews, right?! Shoot For The Stars is another one which has had a revamp this year. If anyone can remember last year’s Shoot For The Stars, it had a lovely white silhouette of a shooting star on the top of the bath bomb but this year it is so much better, in my opinion of course.





The overall bath experience is beautiful right from the moment it touches the water. As a blanket of midnight blue shades unfolds from the bath bomb fizzing away, gold glitter starts melting away from the stars. The gold stars are actually made from cocoa butter and coconut cream which help moisturise the skin leaving it feeling soft and nourished. The bath bomb is a mix of Brazilian orange and bergamot scents that create a soothing and refreshing environment which can uplift your mood. I mixed in a bit of Twilight shower gel which you can pick up from the Relax Gift Set and it made the whole experience lovely as it created little bubbles within the water.

Have you had Shoot For The Stars this year? What’s your thoughts?


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