Photos: Alice Christina

I have never been a confident bunny when it comes to fashion and choosing what to wear. I am usually just a hoodie, printed tee and leggings kind of girl however I am really wanting to start sharing my personal style a lot more. Now I am not saying that I am going to be the next best fashion blogger or anything but I do think that it will be nice to share my outfits a lot more.

I found the checked cropped top in New Look when the student loan arrived in our bank accounts last month and I just had to pick it up. I fell in love with it more or less straight away and can’t stop wearing it! I love how the peach/orange toned squares just give it more of a unique feel and adds a bit of colour to a monochrome look. Pair it with your favourite jeans and boots and you’re good to go I reckon. The bag is from Accessorize and is the perfect every day bag. It does get a bit heavy at times so having the strap to put over the shoulder is really helpful.

Now on to accessories, I think this necklace fits perfectly with the outfit! It really brings out the peach tones of the top and the gems just add something a bit different to your usual statement necklace. I was lucky enough to receive this when I went to the Candy Rocks Event in September last year. I’ve also got on my staple and much loved Thomas Sabo bracelet.

What kind of outfits do you enjoy wearing? Have you got something in your wardrobe that makes you feel super confident?


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