I have been so good with my money recently until Lush Kitchen brought out The Comforter Body Lotion and then it all spiralled out of control. However, I think I deserve it. I have been working extremely hard at my new job and I’ve really been enjoying it. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up when you walk through the door at 6.45pm, right?! Of course, it’s only right that I share with you what I have picked up.


It’s obvious that the first product I want to talk to you about is The Comforter Body Lotion. If your a lover of the fruit-scented blackcurrant Ribena scent then you will fall head over heals in love with this. It makes your skin feel super soft and smell amazing all day! It’s currently sitting on my bedside table so that I can rub in a pea size amount into my hands now and then.


I have picked up four bath bombs on the Kitchen recently: Shut Up And Get Over It, Waving Not Drowning, Lemon Days And Ginger Beer and Roller.

Shut Up And Get Over It is the bright orange one that smells much like tangerines. The citrus scented oils help to uplift your mood whilst the coarse sea salt leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. Waving Not Drowning is rather different to any of the other of the bath bombs I have picked up. It is such a relaxing scent with lavender oil and ylang ylang oil. I am actually planning on using this one later tonight after I have came back from Slimming World. Stay tuned on my instagram for a review later.

Roller is the one that everyone obsesses over. I actually heard that it was sold out within minutes of getting released on the Kitchen. The cocoa butter and cream of tartar softens your skin whilst the tonka absolute, brazilian orange oil and geranium oils help to uplift your mood. Personally, I think it smells quite similar to Twilight Shower Gel. It even has purple lustre to add a bit of sparkle in your life. Finally, I picked up Lemon Days And Ginger Beer. I think I have had this one before but if not I have had something rather similar. The bath bomb is jam packed of lemon peel, ginger oil, powdered ginger and sandalwood oil. It smells amazing and is definitely worth trying to pick up when it’s next in the Kitchen.

Have you picked up anything from the Kitchen recently? Who’s excited for the Winter 2016 collections?

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