Last year (yes, it was October), Liam form Dragonfruit Digital tagged my in the #selflovechallenge13 and my first thought was “it can’t be that hard to come up with 13 things that you love about yourself. It’s now nearly six months on and I’ve only thought of one until the other day where I sat down and wrote a list that I could possibly share with the internet. I’ve wanted to do this one especially because it’s going to be a great confidence booster and I can look back at it when I feel rubbish.


Apparently everyone else has shared a lovely image of themselves, so this is me.

13 Things I Love About Myself 

  1. I think I can easily cheer people up when they are feeling down; whether that is giving them advice on a certain situation or just listening to them and lending a shoulder to cry on.
  2.  I have fell in love with photography and cameras. There’s nothing I love best than to go out with my camera of choice, yes you can still get a good quality image on your phone, and take some photos. I took Media Photography as a module at University and managed to get a 2:1 which proves something, right?!
  3. I always like having something to do, especially if I get to use my creative side. Blogging, taking photos, baking, going for a walk, planning the next day out. It’s positive to be doing something with your time and to get out the house at least once a day.
  4. I have recently decided to try and use my anxiety to my advantage. I want to do things with my life that I will remember and sometimes that means going out of your comfort zone, not just a little bit but a lot! For example, I travelled on the train for the first time by myself last week, attended a group interview in which I got excellent feedback for and all the way back. This is something I wouldn’t have done at the end of last year without someone being with me.
  5. Learning new things gives me a sense of excitement and happiness.
  6. I love collecting Tsum Tsums and Lush Kitchen polaroids, they make me happy!
  7. Sometimes being in my own company is the best thing for me even when I don’t feel as though it is. Grabbing a good book or finding a new series to binge watch on Netflix with a decent hot chocolate (whipped cream and marshmallows at the ready!), is probably one of my favourite things to do.
  8. If you can’t already tell by my previous posts, I am a #lushie! Anything to do with Lush excites me and immediately cheers me up. I love finding out about new products, reading up on the ingredients to see the benefits to each product, the atmosphere within the stores, the customer service…I could go on for hours with this one!
  9. I have grown to not expect much. Little gestures like writing a thoughtful birthday card or remembering something I told you months ago makes me happy. There’s more important things in life than materialistic objects and things.
  10. I have dyslexia but I enjoy reading. It’s more of an achievement to read a book from cover to cover than anything else.
  11. I love spending time outdoors with friends and family although I also love being snuggled in bed with a movie playing and my puppies sleeping next to me.
  12. I like my height. I’m 5ft2, so I am rather small but it has it’s advantages!
  13. I managed to get 10/10 for my triple chocolate cookie baking skills from Edd and I’m so proud of myself for that!

And that’s 13 things about myself that I love. Like I previously mentioned, this is not as easy as it seems but I feel so much better than what I did before writing it. It’s currently 1pm and I haven’t moved from my bed so I’m going to get up and go for a walk.

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What did you think? Learnt anything new about me? I challenge you to write one thing you love about yourself in the comments below!