I don’t drive and unfortunately neither does Phill. We recently went down to London and the surrounding areas for a week however that came with an extremely long 8hr coach journey. I have done this trip quite a couple of times but it was the first time with someone I knew which made things better. Below is my list of road trip essentials (or long haul travel essentials!);

  • First up is definitely my iPod. I recently got the iPod Classic for my birthday which means plenty of storage and plenty of battery. Perfect for road trips then and includes a huge selection of music right at your fingertips.
  • I took Paper Towns by John Green. I personally didn’t read it because I get terribly travel sick and from previous experiences reading made it worst. I took it in the hope I would start reading it while I was on holiday but we were so busy sight seeing and enjoying the sun that I just didn’t have chance. I have started reading it now though and so far I am enjoying it!
  • iPhone or as some people call it, everyone’s second hand. I managed to keep up to date on Twitter and Instagram. In case you’re wondering, you definitely need your charger with this one, come on how awful are iPhone batteries!!
  • Sunglasses was going to be whipped out as soon as we arrived in London. I just picked these up from Primark or something. Even though we left the rain in Newcastle I was just hopeful for the sun and so glad I brought them with me.
  • Headphones. Do I really need to explain these?! You can’t listen to music without these. They were also used to watch YouTube videos with.
  • I thrown in my beloved Garnier Intensive 7 days Hand Cream as my hands are suffering from terribly dry skin at the moment and my Carmex Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturised from the horrible coach air conditioning.
The only other thing which obviously is not pictured here is my baby or a more appropriate name for it is my Canon 600D. Perfect for those snapshots when you’re out and about on your holidays.
That’s the basics of what’s in my bag for an eight hour coach journey. Is there anything you would take with you?