This was meant to be posted weeks ago but alas I have only just sorted my internet out so it’s extremely late. Instead of calling it ‘Summer Favourites’ as it was meant to be called, it’s now a selection of things that I have been in love with recently, sorry.

For the past couple of months, I have had many non-makeup days so I haven’t really got a lot of makeup products that I have been loving however after clearing out my makeup collection I did find a couple of old favourites. One of them being the Naked Smoky Palette, probably designed more for going out, I have been using all the shades for creating some lovely smokey eye looks that don’t look too drastic. My favourite shades are currently Whiskey, Combust, Radar and Thirteen. I have also been using High as a highlight shade after contouring. All in all it’s a great all rounder. The only other makeup product that I have been obsessed with are the Barry M Cor Balmy! Lip Balms. Unfortunately, I don’t even know whether they are still being sold but I have been switching between Trouble & Strife and Jam Jar. I forgot how moisturising they are on dry lips but they also give your lips a little bit of colour so it feels as though you actually have something other than lip balm on. Did I mention they smell amazing too?

Although I haven’t been covering my skin in various different makeup products, skincare has taken up a huge part of my life (and extremely tiny bathroom). In the shower, I just couldn’t get enough of the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. It has organic lemon juice which gives the scrub the rejuvenating feel when your feeling a little bit down and the mimosa and orange flower absolutes leave a subtle scent on the skin. Obviously I can’t get enough of the sea salt products because I have also been loving the Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub too. This one has avocado butter in which leaves my face super soft as well as the lime extract which brightens my skin.

Since moving, I have actually got myself into a routine of moisturising my body and for this I have been getting through my extremely large selection of The Body Shop Body Butters. The one pictured is the Virgin Mojito scent however my current favourite is Strawberry however I need to restock once I have emptied a couple more. The other moisturiser I have been loving is Sleepy however it’s more to help me sleep rather than moisturising my whole body. When I popped into my local Lush, they suggested putting a little bit on my temples, chest and wrists to help me sleep easily and god damn it has worked! The twilight scented product is packed with lavender flowers which is probably what has helped me sleep.

Finally, I just wanted to talk about a couple of books that I have really enjoyed. Anyone who has followed me for a while know that I have struggled with reading for enjoyment but this year it has been my favourite thing to help me relax and destress. It’s also partly the reason that I haven’t blogged as much because I have been trying to spend a lot more time off the internet and looking at screens. The first book is Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland. Although I am not a mum myself it was nice to read something completely unlike anything I have read before. In some strange way I could kind of relate to how Robin (the main character) couldn’t fit in to the school-mum crew and the difficulties she has with online dating. I found it extremely funny and struggled to put it down. The other book is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’m actually in love with this book and desperate to watch the film. It’s about a girl who is allergic to the world but the boy next door is determined to find a way to reach her. It is all about determination and going for what you want by living life to it’s fullest. If your looking for something inspiring, I would highly recommend it.

What have you been loving recently? Are any of this in your favourites?

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