Every blogger has probably heard of or brought all of the collection or picked up at least one product from Urban Decay’s Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Collection. Well I was a little late to the bandwagon but after Libby from Gingerbread Buttons told me how good the eyeshadow palette was as well as the 10% discount in Debenhams, I knew that I need to try it out. I am a true lover of Urban Decay as a high end brand especially for their palettes and lipsticks so being able to test out some more of their products was rather exciting.
First up is the Pulp Fiction eyeshadow palette. It contains three new eyeshadows but has all the shades to help you create Mrs Mia Wallace’s dark edgy look complete with a “Get the Look” card which guides you through step by step on how to create her look. Personally I have been loving Anger which is a pigmented black satin shade with slight sparkle. I have been using it to help create a bit of a unique smokey eye using shades from other palettes instead of using a black matte. I like how the shade has a bit of sparkle but you can still use it during the day. Another shade I have been loving is the Tyranny shade which is a lovely warm brown matte. I haven’t tried anything like it but again it is perfect for a neutral eye look. Other shades in the palette are: Righteous (a light cream matte), Vengeance (deep brown matte satin) and Furious (white satin). I like how compact the palette is making it easy for travelling complete with your own brush to.
Until the Pulp Fiction collection, I have never tried any of the lip products from Urban Decay so I thought the Mrs Mia Wallace lip liner and lipstick would be a perfect way of trying them out. The bright deep red shades are definitely for those who enjoy wearing a bright lip. If your a lover of the red shades when it comes to the lips these are perfect for you. I have found myself enjoying the lipstick rather than the lip liner as the lipsticks are so moisturising and don’t dry up your lips. As far as I am aware the pigmentation includes cocoa butter and shea butter to give your lips that extra moisture. Personally the shade lasts all day but if your going out on the evening you would need to top it up. The lip liner is more on the matte side making them a perfect duo combination to recreate Mrs Mia Wallace’s look.
If you know me, I am a nail varnish/polish addict. I have far too many in my collection and I know that I didn’t need any more but the collection just wouldn’t seem complete if I didn’t but the Mrs Mia Wallace Nail Varnish to go with it. Similar to the lip products this long lasting, high gloss polish comes in a warm bright red with a slight warm tone shimmer. I think this is a perfect shade for the Autumn/Winter months and would brighten up any outfit. It would also be a perfect red for the Christmas season. I love how the black cap has a skull engraved on the top, it just adds a little character to the bottle.
The collection also includes a shimmery eyeliner which ran out of stock while I was there. It does sound interesting however I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway because it has a shimmer in it. Overall I love the collection and don’t regret buying any of it plus with the 10% off how could I have not treated myself to them.
What do you think of the Pulp Fiction Collection? Have you brought anything from it?