It’s that time again when Lush are introducing exciting new products but in return there’s a few favourites that we won’t be seeing again. This week I popped into my local Lush and stocked up on the ones that we are going to be saying goodbye to very soon. Last year Libby wrote a similar sort of post (read here), so this year I thought I would compile a list for any more Lush addicts out there that has been living under a rock.


Out of all the products leaving the shelves, I am most upset about Honey Bee. This bath bomb has done wonders for my dry skin. The main ingredient is obviously honey as it soothes, retains moisture and is antiseptic which is part of the reason it’s so good for those with sensitive skin. The cooling aloe vera works well on eczema and sun burn too. Rhassoul mud, found near Moroccos Atlas Moutains, is packed full of natural cleansing properties but also helps maintain soft skin.


Another favourite is Green Bubbleroon. I have recently fell in love with this once since Jess, a Lush Newcastle employee, suggested mixing it with Avobath. The combination works a treat. Like all bubble bars that Lush make, the organic cocoa butter and cream of tartar create silky-soft bubbles that leave your skin feeling hydrated. The fresh avocado and shea butters leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised whilst the bergamot uplifts your mood.


Granny Take A Dip Bubble Bar was only just released last year. It was originally a bath bomb rather similar to The Experimenter as it turned the bath water into a lovely array of colours. Unfortunately this colourful, bubbly treat will be disappearing from the shelves as well. I am hoping that they will replace it with something else with a warming, citrus scent but I suppose we need to wait and see.


The last bubble bar that is leaving us is Pop In The Bath. This one I believe is rather underrated. If your love a citrus scented bubbly treat then you better starting stocking up on this one. It has a lovely array of mandarin, lemon and bergamot oils that leaves a scent much similar to a freshly baked lemon drizzle cake.

The final product that was announced was Porridge Soap which I haven’t tried myself but I have heard that it is really soothing on eczema and dry skin because of the oats and coconut oil. I didn’t pick this up because I still have plenty of their soaps and just wanted to say goodbye to a few of my favourites. From what I’ve learnt this is going to be happening rather soon so there is still some time for you to stock up.

Are any of your favourite Lush products leaving us? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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