I picked up Phoenix Rising back in April when I needed some ‘me’ time and didn’t actually use it due to the Easter collection being around. Today I wanted to talk you about its qualities and what it has to offer as it is possibly one of my new found favourites.

On the website it is described as “a mystical, shimmering purple and green layered bath bomb that rises in the water on a cloud of exotic spice fragrance” and I couldn’t agree more! I loved having a bath with Phoenix Rising as it felt so luxurious. It contains cocoa and shea butters which both nourish and moisturise the skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. The bath bomb contains a cinnamon stick which you can really smell whilst its fizzing away however its not too over-powering. I would definitely

I thought I would take the opportunity to film a YouTube video for my channel so that you can see what it is like when you pop it in the bath.