If you have been a fellow reader of my blog for a while then you will probably know how much of a shower gel addict I am. So when I spotted Original Source’s new scents on the shelves in Boots, I just couldn’t help myself. Original Source are a lovely brand and definitely suited for those on a budget. All of their products are cruelty free and most are suitable for vegans too. They have four new scents but I managed to restrain my addiction and only bought two: Green Banana And Bamboo Milk and Lime And Coconut Milk. They both smell incredible however my favourite is definitely the green banana scent. It smells like those foam banana sweets that you also find in the pick ‘n’ mix bags. They are shower milks rather than a gel, so in comparison to the usual formulation I find that they are really softening and moisturising on the skin which is brilliant during the colder months. I’ll definitely be adding these to my list of favourites!

Have you managed to try the new scents by Original Source? What’s your favourite?

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