So it’s that time again but surprisingly I am not snuggled in bed with a Disney movie and a hot chocolate. It just so happens that Edd and I are staying at Diamonds Guest House in York after a wonderful day together celebrating us being together for a whole year. For advance warning, this week will probably be rather relationship based.


On Friday, we headed up on an extremely cold freezing evening to Kielder Observatory for a night under the stars and it honestly left me speechless (that’s a very rare occasion)! If you haven’t been to Kielder Observatory then you haven’t lived because the views of the night sky were AMAZING. We spent 3-4 hours with three specialists: Matt, Hayden and Becky learning about astronomy and the amazing universe which we live in and it really put things in perspective on to how magical astronomy really is. We were offered hot chocolate and they had universe themed bars of chocolate such as Magic Stars, Galaxy and Milky Way to treat ourselves to as a snack.

Last night we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and for any Harry Potter fans out there, I highly recommend watching. It was just what I had expected and more – it’s left me wanting to read the book though…






So the main reason we chose to spend a night in York is because the Christmas market is on so in true Edd and Yasmina style, we have spent most of the day eating or thinking about food. Sorry Slimming World, I will come back soon I promise! I don’t know about Edd but it has left me feeling super festive with all the lights, gift ideas and homemade Christmas decorations. Whilst Edd devoured a German Sausage, I had a lovely tray of freshly cooked chips that tasted delicious.

After walking around the market most of the afternoon, we decided not to pick anything up however I am tempted to go back tomorrow to pick up one of these steam boats that are powered by candles, creative I know! On the way back, we picked up these delicious sugar coated doughnuts with a Belgian chocolate dip that tasted out of this world. To be honest, anything dipped in melted chocolate is heavenly, right?! It has been nice to just have a walk around and spend some quality time with Edd.






We had a walk around York to find somewhere to eat until we finally decided on Lucia Wine Bar & Restaurant. We started off with a share of hummus and flat bread which tasted delicious. Edd had the Homemade Lamb Burger with Onion Rings whilst I had the Caprina pizza which had goats cheese, spinach and cherry tomatoes on. Although the puddings looked delicious, and definitely worth trying, we were so stuffed that we could not possibly fit anything else in our stomachs. Overall the service was really polite and friendly, the staff were accommodating and attended to our needs when we needed bread and ketchup and the food was delicious. As far as I am aware, they have two other restaurants in Beverley and Harrogate so it was nice to go somewhere that we can’t get to at home.


So this is the room that we are staying in tonight and my current thoughts are that it is really nice. As I said at the start of the post, we are staying in the Diamonds Guesthouse which isn’t too far from the town centre. There is a bath and a kettle with biscuits so I am a happy little bunny now. We also have Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt fudge from The Fudge Kitchen which tastes out of this world and I am currently trying to bribe Edd into walking to the local Sainsbury’s to get crisps and Lindt chocolate.

I think the last little bit that I wanted to mention in this most is really aimed at Edd in the hope that one day he will read this little post and smile when feeling down. I love you. You are my rock. You are my world. Before I met you, I was beginning to lose trust in just about everyone around me. Friends and family members let me down time and time again then after one shit week at University, you popped up on Snapchat. Your smile. Your laugh. Your sense of humour. Everything about you is special. I love you. I love everything about you and here’s to many more adventures and laughters.

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


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