When NYX came to my local Boots everyone went crazy. No seriously, everyone and their cats had probably picked up one of their Soft Matte Cremes. Last month, I finally managed to reach the stand without having to push through all the 17 year old girls who are all taller than me. I thought I would make the most of having a crowd free stand and pick up a lipstick option from the different types that NYX offer. I feel like I am now ready to give you a mini review of each.

From left to right: Doll, Cranberry Biscotti and Teddy

Round Lipstick in Doll – Firstly, I picked up one of their basic lipsticks in a lovely pink shade. I wasn’t expecting great things from it apart from the shade is lovely if your wanting an inexpensive lipstick that you could wear day-to-day. The texture on the lips is lovely and velvety, however, it smudges really easily. One thing I do quite like about the packaging is that it clearly states that NYX is cruelty free which a lot of brands don’t do. It saves so much time when browsing at the makeup counters too. Would I buy this one again? Probably not because I prefer the other lipsticks from NYX more as they last longer and are a lot more pigmented.

Butter Gloss in Cranberry Biscotti – Now I am no lipgloss fan but as soon as I applied the Butter Gloss I fell in love! Of course, it is quite sticky as it doesn’t properly dry but I love it for when I am wanting to break away from wearing a matte lip. At first, I thought it would be really sheer with it being a lipgloss but the colour pay off is lovely and so autumnal. I find that the Butter Gloss moisturises my lips more than the others which is something that I wasn’t really expecting.

Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Teddy – I really wanted to pick up one of the Liquid Lipsticks because I have a slight obsession with them at the moment. Teddy is extremely pigmented and is a lovely natural, chocolate brown shade. I think this would look lovely if you’re wanting a break from the dark reds that come whizzing into all the makeup looks this time of year. It dries down a lot quick than the other two, however, it definitely didn’t last as long as the Butter Gloss. It’s a nice one to wear during the day when your wanting something quite neutral.

The only thing about NYX that I don’t particularly like is that they don’t live up to Colour Pop’s Lippie Stix standards as far as the lasting power is concerned but they do last longer than other lipstick brands I have tried from the drugstore within the same price range. This certainly won’t stop me from using them because they are more accessible than Colour Pop and the shades I have are unlike anything in my collection at the moment. My current favourite out of the three is Cranberry Biscotti because the colour is such a lovely shade for the winter months and it is unlike anything that I usually wear on the lips.

Have you tried any of the NYX products? What should I pick up next? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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