It feels like it has taken me ages to fall back in love with my blog however I’ve finished University for the summer now and I’ve finally got the sudden urge to write about things that I love again. I’m not going to be putting any pressure on myself with a schedule but as long as you follow me on socials or my blog over at Bloglovin’ then I am sure you will be kept in the loop with when I post.

I’ve been wanting to share my love for Naked Cherry for a while now but like I said in my previous post things have been a little tough to balance out. I picked up Naked Cherry when it was first released because the shades looked stunning and much better suited to my skin tone than the Naked 3 palette which I still love but not as much as the Cherry now. When I received the palette the shades are equally as gorgeous in person than they are on the website, if not better!

I’ve been using this little gem nearly every single day since purchase because I am in love with the shades so much. For my daily makeup routine I usually use a mix of Bing and Devilish on the outer corner and Caution or Hot Spot in the inner corner of my eyes. I think one of my favourite things about this palette is that the shades are all wearable on their own without being too light or too dark so it is great if you lead a really busy lifestyle and don’t have much time for a full on eye makeup look.

For the evening, I tend to stick to the darker side of the palette by patting Drunk Dial on top of Privacy which creates a lovely smokey eye with Bing and Feelz. Of course I know that Urban Decay have bought out some other gorgeous palettes that are still on my wishlist, hello Reloaded, but it’s important to not forget about this little gem. As with all Urban Decay eyeshadows I love the pigmentation of them and the colours come off really well when applied onto your eyes.

Have you got your hands on the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette? What’s your thoughts?

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