Although Winter has felt like it’s been going on for the past year, the weather has started to finally pick up! I’m so excited for the Spring/Summer months and have many dreams and goals to achieve. It’s the start of the Easter holidays next week and whilst that means nothing for a full-time working lady and blogger like myself, I thought it was about time I shared with you what’s on my Spring to-do list.

I’ve got an itch to start reading a book or two. I have been so busy ever since moving back up to Newcastle that I just wanted to have a little bit of a relax and chill. Unfortunately I’ve read all mine so any book recommendations would be brilliant!

I really want to plan a Summer holiday. I don’t care where it is and what we will be doing as long as there is a week relaxing underneath the sun rays beside a pool for a week or two. I’m really wanting to go to Amsterdam for my birthday – it’s been a place that I’ve always dreamt of going to. It’s such an amazing city and I would love to see the Banksy museum too. I’ve not been abroad for about 6 years so I think it’s about time I got some decent Vitamin D inside my body.

Slimming World has always been something that I’ve found difficult with but this time I really want to stick at it. I’ve managed to lose half a stone within two weeks however I found this week extremely difficult with staying on plan. I really want to try and lose 1 or 2 stone by my birthday which I believe is quite achievable so any motivation to help me stay on track will be grateful. I was thinking of starting a series on my blog every month where I talk about my weight losses and meals that I’ve made – let me know if your interested. 

As you can probably see, I haven’t really been in the blogging game recently but I’m going to try and change that. I really want to try and work on creating some really interesting and engaging content on my blog. It’s kinda just took a back seat whilst I’ve been settling into a bigger store. I’ve also been sorting a lot of other things out in my personal life too. I really want to get involved in the Northern blogging community again soon but it’s just so difficult with a full-time job as well.

I’ve been shopping for Spring clothes recently. All the florals and pastels have started entering my wardrobe. Is anyone else just sick of wearing jumpers, scarves and coats?! I can’t wait to plan some photo shoots with Alice to share with you. Some of the pieces I’ve picked up from New Look are just so lovely and slimming and I think your going to love them.

What’s on your Spring to-do list? Let me know one thing that you want to achieve.

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