I wrote one of these to-do list type posts back in March before all the warm whether and didn’t really tick much of the list so I thought I would write another to see what I can actually achieve before the year is out. I feel as though there are two types of people in the world: the ones that look back at everything brilliant that they have managed to accomplish within the past year and the people who tend to look at back and see that half of their goals aren’t ticked off and start to panic. The second is definitely me. To be fair, I’ve had an excuse of my laptop dying on me since my last blog post but that’s all changing come Monday.

Before the year is out, I want to read a book. I’ve decided on Love, Simon which I brought a couple of months back. I love the film, it’s one of my faves so I thought it is about time I put my phone away and give it a read. So far, I have managed to read chapter one whilst on the bus to college this week so if any of you want to send me weekly reminders over on Twitter it will be much appreciated.

Similarly to my Spring’s t0-do list, I want to get back into my blogging game. Not seriously but as a way to distract myself from University work. I really miss it and I should have some spare time to catch up with myself. I’ve took the pressure of myself to blog as much and it has worked so I’m ready to get back into creating content. I have a couple of exciting posts which I can’t wait to share with you so please stick around.

This next one might sound really lame but to continue doing well at college. I’m head over heels in love with both my fashion and photography courses and I am really enjoying both of them. I find all the content really exciting and new which is what I have craved for so long. Would anyone be interested in like a first term update near the end of December? Let me know as I would be more than happy to do one.

What’s on your Autumn to-do list? Surely, reading one book and writing a couple of blog posts isn’t going to be hard to achieve right?! Let me know one thing that you want to achieve.

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