I’m writing this after a bit of a stressful week, not in terms of physical stress but more mentally. Does that even make sense? I am currently sat in my extremely cold flat with my heated blanket on full pondering about life on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a mix of red roses and yellow and white flowers on my table with a candle burning. The flowers definitely don’t go together but I like them. I’m not really sure what to write about but I have a couple of things to talk about which don’t really belong together but they are getting put into this post because I need them off my mind. Grab {insert drink of choice}, sit back, read and relax…

I’ve now lived in my little nook for half a year. A lot of things can change in six months but do you know the biggest lesson that I have learnt? No one really has their sh*t together! Surprising, right. I’ve found living on my own extremely hard. Yes I have my boyfriend closer to me now I’ve moved but things aren’t particularly perfect. We argue like every other couple but we have finally started to talk about feelings in a healthy manner rather than shouting and giving each other the silent treatment for a couple of days. There are days which are spent day dreaming that I get along well with his family and we can all live happily ever after together but as I mentioned that is just a dream – things don’t really work out like that. Partner’s parents don’t need to like you, they may not think their son or daughter is suited to you but guess what? That’s their opinion and what matters is how happy you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I am lonely however I have friends; internet friends who help on those evenings when I feel a little bit down and work friends who make my shifts at New Look rather amazing, oh and Dora.

Adulting is a dangerous journey with a rollercoaster of emotions that everyone including me and you go through. But no one really knows what they are doing. There’s no guide book that tells you how to do this, that and everything in between. It’s a bit like cooking a new recipe without the actual recipe. Just hear me out. It’s around 18.30 and you’ve just got home after a long day at work, you have a meal plan that you have been told to write down from a million of these “how to budget” blog posts that you read so you decide to try out one of these recipes. It’s either going to go amazing and taste delicious so you’re going to live off it for the next week or it will end up in the bin either uncooked or burnt and you will be blasting your favourite tune whilst your Pot Noodle is heating up or your favourite Domino’s pizza is being delivered. I obviously prefer the pizza but funds might mean you live off Pot Noodles quite a lot.  And truth be told this cooking malarkey is much like adult life. There are going to be things that work really well and then there are also going to be things in life that you are going to learn from whether that be decisions to do with relationships, friendships, career choices or even just actual cooking. It could even be personal situations like your goals of what you want to achieve or how to organise your income and expenditure. Just to let you know I have no clue what I do with my money every single month, #fail but I am learning and that’s the important thing. I have even started writing things down in a notebook which is a start.

If you follow me across social media then you might have seen my rather ruthless clear out of makeup, clothes and god knows what else was included. I think it was a sign of a quarter life crisis but after watching Leena’s video about her wardrobe clear out. I realised that we are all wrapped in a world of consumerism. A place where it is promoted and advertised to always jump on the new makeup palette bandwagon or the latest fashion trends but I’m not going to do that anymore. Well, try not to. I like my makeup collection to be small and full of all my favourites. I like having my wardrobe full of mix and match items that enables me to explore my own personal style. Not only this but as someone who is living on their own, independently I don’t have the money to spend £100s on new makeup, skincare or clothes as much as I love a good Charlotte Tilbury lippy or shopping in Debenhams rather than Primark. If you do then good on you, go treat yourself but I’m presuming 99% of you reading this might be on the same page as me. Well, I hope I am not the only one.

I guess I need to round this post up a little so here it goes. I’m not saying adulting is easy because it really isn’t and I think I’ve made my point in this post. There are a lot of obstacles thrown at you but I reckon together, our little blog family are able to pass as a kind-of functioning, internet-socialising adults who can make everyone else around us whether that’s your big sister, non internet friends, partner, parents or grandparents believe that we know stuff and how to deal everything even if we don’t.

What’s your thoughts on adulting? Do you find certain things too much to handle sometimes? I would love to know.

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