I’ve spent quite a lot of weekends away travelling to and from different places however I have never talked about my travel essentials. The bits that I always pack within my suitcase and never seem to forget. Don’t forget to check out Matalan’s holiday shop for other travel friendly suitcases too. I thought it was about time I share these with you as I’ve just returned from spending a couple of days at my sisters.

The first thing that I always pack is something to read. Reading for the past year has helped me with a lot of things including travel anxiety and relaxing my mind before bed. Whether it’s a magazine, usually Cosmopolitan, or a good book or sometimes both. I’ve been really enjoying John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down recently and the Blogging Made Easy has helped motivate me with blogging recently too.

Headphones are a must for me. I love listening to music on train journeys, before I fall asleep, when I wake up, walking somewhere.

No matter where I am heading, I always pack a bath bomb with me. There’s no better way to feel at home than having a hot bubble bath. This particular one is the bubble spinner; it has lemon, lime and grapefruit oils that help to uplift your mood. I thought it would be really nice for my nephew to help me run it under the bath too as it’s much like a fidget spinner.

A lot of people say that a fidget spinner is overrated but in all honesty I find it so helpful. If I am ever feeling anxious, I like to grab it out and play with it until I feel a little bit less anxious. Having something to fiddle with in my hands completely takes my mind of everything around me. I also recommend the fidget cube too.

The final thing that I always pack is my Canon EOS M10 Camera. It’s such a handy camera that I personally believe everyone should have. You can attach various lenses, it’s lightweight and the screen can be adjusted. I rarely get the chance to see my sister and nephews so capturing moments on camera is one of my favourite things to do whilst I am there.

What are your travel essentials for a weekend away?

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