I have recently had a hellish week. I have tried to stay away from social media all together and I was tempted to not blog at all but I think it’s important to document this part of my life. As you all know, Edd and I were both excited about the prospect of moving out – well so I thought! He nearly broke up with me until I decided it will be better to see how we feel in two weeks. It broke me.

I didn’t expect it and that’s what the worst part is. He told me he has been unhappy and now I have questioned the whole relationship. He was my world. I was happy with him and I honestly couldn’t imagine this happening to us. It’s left me feeling completely rubbish and down. I thought I would talk about a couple of things that I’ve done to help make the heartache a little less painful.

Take some time to pamper yourself

I don’t know about you but that moment that you turn off the light, burn some candles and soak in a hot bubble bath with relaxing music on makes me feel ten times happier! I crumbled up some Unicorn Horn, thrown in my all-time favourite Lover Lamp Bath Bomb and added a couple drops of Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Restoring Senses Bath Oil* and dipped myself in the bath. The Moroccan Rose Oil is such a calming, stress-reliving aroma. It left my skin feeling moisturised and nourished. It has argan oil which is rich in vitamins to help protect the skin whilst the jojoba oil enhance the skin’s natural suppleness and elasticity.  My family must have thought I nearly drowned in that bath cause I was probably in there for a good three hours or more…

Once I jumped out the bath, before throwing on my snuggly pyjamas, I applied the Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repairing Cream*. This stuff is amazing! The shea butter is rich in vitamins leaving your skin feeling super soft and hydrated whilst the apricot kennel oil is amazing for dry and sensitive skins. I have quite bad eczema so I am wary about trying new skincare products incase it flares up but half a week later and my skin has never felt so nourished and soft.

Keep yourself busy

I spent time with my cousin yesterday. I saw his new house and spent time sorting his internet out. He helped me by keeping my mind off how I was feeling. For those few hours I forgot about how hurt I was. I came back home, changed my bedding and sorted my room out. I took old photos down and lit a couple of tea light candles. Although I didn’t get to sleep until 3.45am, I managed to fall asleep. I didn’t need to worry about blowing the tea lights out because I knew they wouldn’t be burning for ages anyway. Organise paperwork, paint your nails, read blogs, watch YouTube, do anything apart from text him/her or look at old photos! I spent my nights reading books. Anyone who knows me will understand that I am not a fast reader but I managed to get through Charlotte Crosby’s Me Me Me and Catherine Bennetto’s How Not To Fall In Love Actually which I highly recommend for anyone going through a breakup or is on a relationship break.

Watch all the movies and TV series you want

Not only will they be a great distraction but they might actually provide some kind of laughter or advice that you could use. This week I treated myself to How To Be Single and Bridget Jones’s Baby. I have watched them so many times that I probably know the words to both of them backwards by now. I have also spent the evenings when I have struggled to sleep watching Gossip Girl. It’s made me feel so much better!

Eat anything! 

Are you wanting to finish that packet of Texas BBQ Pringles? Do it! Fancy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Treat yo’self! Allow yourself to eat whatever you want without caring. We are girls. We are allowed to binge eat when our emotions are uncontrollable. If it makes you feel any better I started the week of without eating anything after three days and a rush into hospital cause I was dehydrated I pigged out. I ate a McDonald’s, three share bag Cadbury Twirl Bites, two tubes of Pringles, a bag of popcorn and a large pizza from Dominoes. Oh and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or two or three.

Write down everything your feeling

I have kept a notebook by my side. It’s given me the chance to right down everything that was running through my mind. If your going through a relationship break you could have a chance to read it back to them. It will explain exactly how you feel. If you have actually broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then it’s there to read back. Guaranteed it will probably give you a million reasons to not get back with them. It is harder when you feel as though they haven’t done anything wrong but in time you will find at least one fault that you wouldn’t have thought about in the first couple of days.

Cry your little heart out

It’s okay to cry. You won’t be judged. Your hurting and it’s normal to cry. Edd left some of his things at mine, one of which his is hoody and every night I have sprayed his aftershave all over the hood, snuggled into it and cried myself to sleep. Letting it all out has really helped and after a couple of days you probably won’t have any tears left to cry anyway.

Take a break from social media 

I haven’t really done this but I haven’t been as active as usual. I could lie to you and say that I haven’t snooped on Edd’s profiles at all but like I said I would be lying to you. I can’t help it. At first it was every time I switched on my phone but now it’s not as often. Of course I want to know what he has been doing. He has been a big part of my life for so long so it’s natural. However, they advise you to block them! Do what you feel is best for your situation.

Have you got any tips for dealing with a relationship break or even a break up? I am currently sorting things out with Edd so fingers crossed we will be okay. Let me know in the comments.

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