I moved back home in March and the first thing I knew I wanted to do was use the two small rooms spare as my little spaces; one for relaxing and unwinding and the other was going to be my creative space for blogging and working. Nearly six months later and I think I’ve finally created a space that provides me with plenty of creative energy and inspires me whether that be for creating blog content or helping with ideas for course projects. I really wanted to share my little space with you because I love it that much!

Obviously the first place in any office tour should be a comfortable desk that you can sit at. I have the Micke Workstation which comes with a magnetic board and the Sporren Swivel Chair. I display my most used lenses at the top along with a motivational print that I picked up from Coconut Lane, some fake flowers which double up as a blog prop and a light up box. On my shelves, I keep: notebooks, blogging books that inspire me when I am lack creativity, a Thesaurus and Dictionary which is helpful when writing essays and when I am wanting to expand the words you use. On my magnetic board, I have my calendar, a couple of motivational quotes and a to-do list notepad which is extremely helpful for writing what I need when starting a new project at college although you can’t really see it now I have a iMac in the way. I try and keep a selection of pens to hand so I can write things down quickly if need to be and it just adds a bit of colour as well. The lamp is one that I found in Wilko which I think goes with the room perfectly.

My wardrobes were created at IKEA using the PAX system. It was dead easy with the help of the sales advisors and provides a lot of storage for all my clothes and accessories. I have dreamt of having an open wardrobe for such a long time. It adds so much colour to the room and just completes my style.

The next part of the room is in front of my window. I have used the Kallax Shelving Unit to keep all my shoes in the canvas boxes. I never thought I had that many until I moved back home and lacked in storage to store them however this keeps them out of the way and clutter free. The final cube holds important documents and files. I love the pastel stationary from Rymans at the moment. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of pieces for starting a new ‘school’ year however I also picked up some extra bits for my office. They have a range of items so I highly recommend checking them out. It’s all affordable and perfect for matching my colourful theme.

On the top, is the most gorgeous plant that I picked up from IKEA, shock! Alongside from that is a set of drawers hat I picked up from Paperchase to hold all my blog props. I like keeping them all in one place so it’s quicker to take blog images. At the moment, it holds: my purple fake flower buds, leaves for Autumnal posts, a selection of different paper and Christmas props. I use the basket to keep all my PR packages that I either need to take photos of or write about.

The opposite side is home to all my stationary pieces for drawing and bullet journaling, a selection of my favourite magazines and my printer – a student essential. My studio light fits comfortably in the corner as it can take up quite a lot of space sometimes. My mirror is the one I took from my old flat however I’ve spray painted it a gorgeous silver which has made it look a lot more expensive than it was. Next to my mirror are: the prints that was kindly gifted to me from Desenio and my Prince’s Trust Award.

The room is more or less done now and I am so happy with it. Do you have a separate office space to work on your blog or do you prefer working from your bed?

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