There’s something exciting about finding a new cruelty free brand, am I right? A couple of weeks ago, I discovered Makeup Obsession whilst on the hunt for a new bronzer and I thought it was about time that I shared my thoughts on the palette that I’ve created.

Before spotting the brand in Boots, I’ve never heard of Makeup Obsession however I quick google search lead me to find out that the brand was cruelty free. They are made by the same company who look after Makeup Revolution which mean they are super affordable. There was on offer on where you can get the single powders for £2 each and buy the refillable palette for £12. It was an offer that I just couldn’t turn down especially after swatching a couple of the shades.

Firstly, you can choose between Medium Palette which can hold six singles where as the Large Palette can hold twelve singles. I chose the Medium Palette as that’s the one which was on offer. I picked up: Contour Light Medium, Contour Dark, Highlight in Gold, Highlight in Pearl, Copper Eyeshadow and Burnt Eyeshadow. I was so surprised at the pigmentation of all the powders however the highlighters are amazing and really are the stars of the palette that I’ve created. You definitely don’t need a lot of product to make an impact. I love how the pans fit exactly into the palette so you are able to change them up with other Makeup Obsession products. It’s very quickly became a staple in my makeup collection and one that I just can’t step away from. The fact that you can mix and match to create your very own palette for under £20 is definitely worth the money.

Have you ever tried Makeup Obsession before? What’s your thoughts? The blush is definitely next on my wishlist to try from them!

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