Are you excited for Summer? I know I am especially with the weather trying to warm up a little in the North East but not quite matching the rest of the country. I can’t wait to spend the Summer with BBQs, ice cream, beach walks, family time, my birthday and perhaps a holiday. The one thing that I am nervous about is my Summer wardrobe.

I’ve talked about my body confidence before and it is a rollercoaster of a ride! Just like every other person on this planet there are days I feel really unhappy and want to change everything and then there are others where I can put on an outfit from my wardrobe and feel invincible. You wouldn’t even think that I would suffer from body confidence. I don’t know about anyone else but seeing all those stunning girls in the Love Island villa this year has left me feeling a little bit frumpy. However, I am here to tell you, and myself, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

Numbers have no relevance to you. It has no relevance to your style and it shouldn’t affect your body confidence. I’m guilty of “wanting to be a size 10” even nowadays but why do we do this to ourselves? what is a “size 10”? It’s just a number! I have had many conversations with various customers about how we used to be able to get the same size across a number of stores but nowadays that is not the case. You only have to watch Lucy’s video where she tested size 14 jeans across ten different brands to see what the high street stores are doing to our society. Just in New Look alone, I’m across three different sizes and in Primark I can only fit into something that is two sizes bigger than my ‘usual’ size.

Unfortunately garments aren’t made for different body shapes. You can be in the same size clothes but weigh and look completely different from someone who is in the exact same size clothes as you. What looks flattering on you can look completely different on someone else. That is why sizes shouldn’t and don’t matter. Do you love the look of those trousers? Buy them and flaunt them!

When it comes to Summer fashion, I have spent so many years avoiding clothes like shorts and vest tops because I didn’t want to show of my chubby legs or my bingo arms but no one actually cares what you look like. In fact some people might see you flaunting your style and be envious or proud of you. The other day when I tried on the distressed Mom style shorts from New Look I immediately felt confident. Yes, my legs aren’t lovely and slim like those that you see on Love Island or even Instagram but I’m never going to look like those girls and that is okay. I have decided that I am going to stop being scared of Summer fashion and I am going to get my sticks of meat out and enjoy every moment of Summer for what is is worth! I’m not going to sweat it out in a hoody because I am scared of what my arms look like or wear thick jeans because I don’t have perfect thighs. I am going to forget about the labels and grab the clothes that I feel comfortable and confident in.

If you take one piece of advice from this post, let it be this:

Buy the shorts or that vest top that you like, flaunt it and feel comfortable in what you wear because you are amazing and Summer memories is much more important than stressing over how you look. Your size doesn’t matter but loving yourself and feeling body positive definitely does! When you go out no one will be judging you for what you are wearing, they will be seeing that beautiful smile and you enjoying yourself. 

Are you anxious about Summer fashion? How are you going to combat it?

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