We are in the middle of October and whether you like it or not, Christmas is on it’s way. This year I have been rather a rubbish blogger. In fact I have felt like a rather rubbish person altogether this year for a number of different reasons. Anywho the countdown is on for the end of the year so I thought what better way to make myself feel good than to create some mini goals for me to achieve before 2018…

‘I don’t care’ content: I started my blog as a hobby and as the competition to get noticed by brands grows within the blogging community, it has put a downer on how I feel about my blog. I found that I wasn’t really enjoying what I was creating or enjoying being on the internet altogether. My photography skills aren’t the best and well, writing can be a struggle sometimes but I’ve learnt that not giving myself a hard time has brought all the love for blogging back. I’ve started to enjoy taking photos again. I’ve started to enjoy writing again and I’ve started finding inspiration all around me again.

the ‘I need to eat healthier’ diet: I attempted Slimming World and really struggled so I have decided to take a new approach. Ever since moving into my own flat, I have had endless takeaways because it’s “easier” but I kind of miss cooking so I am really trying to eat more home cooked meals. I even managed to make some kind of spaghetti pesto dish with tomatoes and broccoli the other day. PS – if you have any nice recipes to share, link them my way please.

the ‘saving mode’ budget: I’m rubbish at saving. Seriously, someone needs to steal my bank card away, change the PIN and give it back without the new one. When I want something, I will just buy it instead of saving up for it. I struggle with charity shop bargains unlike Holly and Alice who are both amazing at it. Anyway, I have brought a nice little notebook and I am writing every single little thing down that I am spending in the hope that I can save some money somewhere. I have already started the process by using up my current Lush stash before buying any other products.

offline time: There’s so much pressure for us bloggers to share everything online from our first coffee and healthy breakfast to how we are spending the evening and what pyjamas that we are wearing that night. Well, I have enjoyed spending some time offline and every now and again I like a break so why not make it a permanent thing. I am not going to kick myself down for spending one or two days away from the laptop or looking through Instagram any more.

Do you have any goals for the end of the year? Is there anything you would love to achieve?

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