2016 Goals

I can’t quite believe that it is the last day of 2015! I thought I would just sit down and have a natter, if that’s okay with you? Believe it or not but I actually started writing this post with my hair in some crazy half up/half down do in the back of a four hour car journey to see my nephew the other day however I’m now finishing it off snuggled in bed with Bug’s Life playing in the background and world’s largest selection of chocolate placed next to me… 

2015 started of badly but surprisingly ended rather well. It’s been full of negative relationships and anxiety however on the flip side of this I’ve met Edd who makes me feel so happy and is an amazing person to be around, I have transferred to a different course that I’ll be starting at the end of January, Millie and Charlie are bundles of joy and my nephew has been born. I’ve met Ben Haenow and explored my photography skills too.

It’s been a good’un for the blog too. I reply to all your comments and want to take on board any ideas you want to see from The July Journal in the coming year too. I really enjoy writing about what I get up too with some cruelty free beauty reviews thrown in the mix too. 

2016 Goals The July Journal

New Year’s Resolutions are hard. It’s true, everyone knows it. Similar to last year, this is my list of goals that I hope to achieve by this time next year. Well that’s a little scary, isn’t it?! 

Put More Time And Effort Into My Blog/Social Media – For some time I haven’t loved my blog as much as I did when I first started. I want to change this and I want to fall back in love with blogging and social media. I want to make my content much better than it is at the moment, I want to improve my photography and possibly include more of me on this little corner of the internet, maybe adding a unique twist to some of my posts. I still want to keep to my 3-4 posts a week schedule because I feel like I remember that it’s just a hobby and I enjoy it more. For some reason I don’t stress myself out as much either. 

Let’s Double It Up – I really want to double my social media numbers. I know it’s not about how many people you have that follow you but I really want to increase my following. I want to produce content that you enjoy reading and crave more. In an ideal world I am going to try and post more so I can reach 500 followers on Instagram, 500 followers on Bloglovin’ and 1,600 followers on Twitter but we will see how this goes! 

Combat My Anxiety – I’m not necessarily saying I want to cure it because I think that you can’t cure anxiety. Everyone gets nervous about something at least once during their life. It’s a natural feeling. However, over recent weeks my anxiety seems to be a lot worse. Some days I struggle to get out of bed and go on public transport, others I don’t sleep because of how bad it is. Edd brought a worry eater for Christmas which I have been using since but sometimes this doesn’t even work. Let me know if you have any tips! 

Look After Myself More – For the majority of 2015 I have wanted to lose at least one dress size, if not two. This year, I am going to achieve this! I want to stop all the chocolate and takeaways and replace it with the gym once a week and a lot more fruits and vegetables. I am even thinking of joining Slimming World. I have a lot of things planned with Edd and his family this year so I want to feel confident in how I look around them. 

Adventures – The one thing I love more than anything is travelling to different countries or cities and writing about them. I want more of them! I’ve already planned to see my sister next weekend and head to Centre Parcs in May which I’m very much looking forward to. If you have any places that you love visiting, please let me know! 

Take Care Of My Second Blog – For those of you who don’t know but I have a second blog, Behind The Student. It’s a blog where I ramble on about all things social media, marketing and PR related and I’ve really started to fall in love with it. I’m thinking of writing twice a week on that little corner of the internet so if there is anything you would like to learn then please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 

Where’s That Vegan Gone?! – Recently I’ve trailed away from a vegan lifestyle. I hate dairy and I feel bad for eating it. Veganuary starts again tomorrow and I thought it’s the best way to cut dairy back out of my system. I eat so much more fruits and vegetables with this lifestyle and hopefully it will encourage my weight loss too! 

I’m actually really looking forward to what next year brings! I hope this didn’t bore you too much. What’s on your 2016 goals list? Anything similar? I’m off to finish my Cadbury’s Fudge now so I’ll catch you next year!