We all get ourselves into bad habits rather easily. You will probably relate to some that I am going to mention but it’s important, as far as beauty/skincare is concerned, to teach yourself new habits that will be a lot more beneficial to you in the future. I wanted to share confess some of the habits that I still have which I want to change sooner rather than later.


Stop Using Makeup Wipes

Who is guilty of coming in from a long day at work or straggling in from a night out with your mates and turning to the dreaded packet of your favourite wipes to take your makeup. Of course, most brands claim that they ‘rehydrate the skin‘ or ‘remove all your makeup‘ or even ‘give your skin a fresh, clean look‘ but we all know this isn’t entirely true. I am guilty of using a makeup wipe almost every night to take of the makeup that I caked on in the morning to make myself feel confident and look half decent without scaring the general public but they really aren’t as good as having a proper skincare routine. I love to have a good old scrub with Lush’s Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser(review here) or my newest cleansing favourite Soap & Glory’s Peaches And Cream Deep Cleansing Milk. Not only does it make me feel better that I have removed all my makeup when I settle down in bed but it makes my skin feel and look good the following morning too.

Moisturise Daily

I am one of those people who religiously moisturise my face ever morning and night (I have Sabrina to thank for that) however it’s a shame that it can’t be said for the rest of my body. I have loads of moisturisers from various brands stashed in my room but hardly use any of them. It’s a chore that I easily miss out daily. At the end of the day who wants to stand with your legs shoulders apart, waving your arms around waiting for moisturiser to dry after having a five minute shower in the morning? I would much prefer the extra ten minutes in bed, thank you! Slapping moisturisers on is a tough habit to build but I have found a couple of cruelty free saviours that not only make my skin feel moisturised, nourished and hydrated but they dry super quick and aren’t a hassle to apply. The first is The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Body Sorbet(review here). It dries super quick and I think it would be a lovely product to take on holiday as it is really cooling on the skin. Perfect for all those sunburnt shoulders, backs and legs. The second is quite a new addition but has quickly become a firm favourite: Original Source’s Skin Quench Moisturising Oil Spray. It smells of a delicious fruity scent that lingers on your body for hours after applying and leaves my skin feeling moisturised all day. For the past month or so, I have got myself into a routine of applying one of the two straight after I come out the shower/bath. By the time I have finished deciding what to wear, this doesn’t usually take long as I’m a jeans and top kinda gal, the moisturiser has sinked into my skin. Now we really can get on with enjoying our day.

Wash Makeup Brushes Regularly

Confession: I’ve never washed any of my brushes. This is mostly because I really can’t be bothered. It takes ages, I’m too lazy and the feel of new brushes excites me far too much. On the other side, new brushes are so expensive and this girl would rather spend money on Too Faced releases or Lush goodies than a new set of makeup brushes every month. It wasn’t until I have realised that many of my skin breakouts was because of how clogged up my brushes were that I have got out of this habit and try to wash them at least every three weeks. For those of you wondering, a fellow blogger recommend Superdrug’s Baby Shampoo to cleanse those bristles and I second that. It works an absolute treat! Not only is it cruelty free but it leaves my brushes feeling super soft and clean. Goodbye horrible dirty brushes!

Drink More Water 

There’s nothing better than keeping your skin looking fresh and clean by drinking your recommended amount of water everyday. I feel like many can relate to this one too. Drinking more water really does have a lasting effect on my skin. It just looks so much brighter and glowing. I should really drink it more often. This is something that I vow to do over the summer months starting from today. I am on my last bottle of diet coke and after that’s finished the only thing I will be drinking is water or sugar free juice. Note to self: buy a motivational water bottle. I personally love the HydrateM8 water bottles but I have yet to buy one.

Are you guilty of any of these beauty habits? Let me know in the comments if you have taught yourself any bad beauty habits.

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