Blog Goal Updates

At the start of the month, I wrote a post all about what I wanted to achieve by 2016 (read here). Today I wanted to look back on those goals and the goals made at the end of last year (read here) too. Goals are so important in achieving life things I think. I know that having a goal pushes me to try harder!

2015 Goal Updates 

Be positive. I said in my previous post that I wanted to adopt an ‘I can’ attitude and with the help of friends and family, I have felt a lot more positive and happier with my life. I have tried to not look so negatively at my future and think what I can do at this present time to keep me happy.

Social Media Goals. I wanted to reach 400 followers on Bloglovin’ and 375 followers on Instagram. Unfortunately I am not quite there yet but I am a lot closer than what I was earlier this month. Looking back at the whole year, my blog has gained many more page views and doubled in followers which I am so happy about!

Try new things. I have started Headspace sessions in the hope it helps with my anxiety and panic attacks but also the lack of sleep that has recently re-appeared in my life. They have helped calm both down and my sleep has improved dramatically over the course of this month. Ten minutes really isn’t a lot of time out of your day to feel relaxed. I also said that I wanted to stop sticking to the same thing all the time. Due to lots of opportunities with PR companies, I have managed to find some amazing brands that have all been shared on this little corner of the internet. I have also tried new foods because I have wanted to choose healthier options. I think going vegan really has helped because I have started to enjoy eating fruit and veg over chocolate and crisps. Don’t get me wrong I still have my treats but it’s not as often now.

Pay off those debts. I have paid off every debt apart from one which I have managed to set up a direct monthly fee that will be finished in May. This has probably contributed to me feeling a lot more positive than the start of this year. I’ve also managed to get a contract out in my own name for my phone which is a massive step for me.

I have also managed to finish the three books that I started and loved all of them! My room has been organised and all the rubbish has been thrown out and I have managed to spend some time with friends before Christmas. To summarise, I feel that December has been the most useful and positive month out of the whole year although I do want to carry on with the ones I didn’t quite achieve yet. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

Have you managed to achieve your goals this year? Stay tuned for next year’s blog goals!