I have never lived on my own before, so moving out has been stressful and full of emotions. When I started to pack my things up I was the type of person who thought ‘I only really have an obsession with Lush and their bath bombs’ but I was definitely under estimating myself. With the help of Alice and the advice from Twitter users I have managed to narrow down my very large collection of clothes, makeup and skincare into boxes. I have never had to top up the electric key or figure out how to use a gas boiler on my own. I have never put up a curtain pole before (let alone two) or build a double bed by myself with little help from IKEA instructions.

The shocking price of the first food shop where you find yourself buying scented anti bacterial wipes, teabags and coffee (I drink neither, but guests may fancy it?) and of course, the chocolate supply for times when you want to binge watch Bridget Jones and have a good cry. It almost sent me into a panic attack when I saw the receipt. I then had to buy myself all the things to cook with like a frying pan, a pot, knives, a drainer and of course a grater for all that delicious non-dairy cheese on cheap microwavable meals for one. On the cooking matter, have you seen how expensive cookers are these days?!

Let’s put it this way I have found many aspects rather challenging but the interior design aspect has been the most fun. I have found some good old bargains that I have fell in love with including the softest rug you can possibly find and a coat stand. And I still haven’t killed Penelope, Colin or Catrina (they are the house plants that I have invested my time into looking after). I can’t say that living for nearly a month without internet has been extremely fun but I have certainly found my own entertainment including binge-watching The Inbetweeners and an anime called Soul Eater that my other half kindly lent me. I didn’t really know what kind of direction I wanted to go in but surprisingly everything is coming together really well. You will also be extremely proud of how healthy my makeup and skincare stash is looking too! Although I am really missing a nice bath to dip into every night but I suppose that is the joys of city living.

So all is going well on the “Yasmina moves to Shrewsbury” front. So I guess it’s time to stop fluttering my money on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Nando’s and start adulting, or at least pretend I know what I am doing.

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