Today I thought I would talk about the taboo topic – money. I think it’s a tough subject to talk about. It’s quite personal to each individual and no one ever really wants to talk about it but at the same time I also think it is really important. Money is something that you aren’t really taught in school or education. It’s as though you are meant to know how to handle budgeting, saving and investing it automatically and I don’t know about anyone else but to this day I still struggle to budget and save money. Anyway, grab yourself a cuppa and a notebook and if you are struggling like me then this post might help you with a few ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help – Firstly,  I completely understand what your going through, trust me! I was so nervous to ask for help but I get it. You don’t want to get all embarrassed and ask your parents for help, right?! Well, I asked my dad when I was really struggling and nowadays we spend five minutes at the weekend to double check everything is in order and it has helped me so much to stay on track and to get myself out of debt. If you don’t want to talk to a parent then I would perhaps seek some financial advise at the bank. I know that the Citizen’s Advice Bureau is really good too. They can help you write an income and expenditure list, contact companies who you owe money to and set up affordable payment plans. I particularly like browsing through the Money Saving Expert website for things that I don’t understand. Just make sure someone knows what you are going through so you don’t feel as though you are tackling it on your own.

Consider Looking At Your Outgoings and Income – I used to find it such a chore to sit down and write a list of bills that need paid and how much money I have available for food, utilities and treats. A while ago I started to work out exactly how much money I have per week and each month. It can be difficult if you have lots of outgoings but once you have got your head around it, you will feel so much better. I have learnt how to prioritise things. Write a list before you go food shopping with everything that you need – not what you want. Check your bank balance every couple of days. I use my mobile banking app which is really easy to set up and nearly every bank has one. I have been strict with what I have been subscribed too. For example, I don’t need Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix or if you want all three maybe look at sharing the price with a family plan between friends or family so you don’t have to pay for it all. Now I am not saying I am an expert in this because I am far from it. I am still learning and that’s okay.

Try And Earn Some Extra Coins – Whilst I was at University, I was working part time. It just gives you a little bit of extra money to play with or to add to a savings account. They usually suggest anything between 16-20 hours a week is okay before it begins to effect University work. Now that I have entered a full time job many of you are probably thinking that you haven’t got time on top of your usually hours. Well that’s where you hobbies and skills can come in useful. It’s no secret that a lot of bloggers make money through brand collaborations and social media placements. You could sell the skills that you’ve taught yourself. Copywriting, photography and design are all things that could be done freelance and alongside a full time job in the evening or weekends. It’s also something great to add to your CV and to talk about in an interview. Blogging has given you so many transferable skills so use them to your own benefit. Polly has created her own online shop whilst studying and now has a whole studio and team helping her, Kaye takes outfit photos for bloggers but also works on campaigns for big named brands and Mark has set up his own copywriting business from University too. It doesn’t have to be related to blogging either. If you have a real passion for a certain skill or hobby then it’s definitely work considering.

Curb Your Shopping Addiction – Don’t get me wrong I love shopping. Who doesn’t love shopping especially when you are buying things you really enjoy. However, if treating yourself to that eye catching new eyeshadow palette from Too Faced or spending £100s on ASOS is too tempting then unsubscribe from newsletters and try not to pay attention to it. Easier said than done but if you try and rethink your buying behaviours then your money will stretch a lot further. Not only have I started selling my clothes on Depop and Vinted but I’ve been using these apps to buy new clothes too. I’ve started browsing the charity shops instead of the new in section on the Missguided website. It’s not just about the treats in your life too. Try and use this when doing your weekly food shop. Instead of going to Waitrose, perhaps shop at Tescos with a Clubcard or Aldi.

Staying In Is The New Going Out – I used to go out to different restaurants rather than staying in however this is the new norm! You can easily find recipes online now and when you look at the price which you would spend on going out then you realise cooking is probably cheaper after all. Instead of buying your lunch from Greggs just cook something at home or bring your leftovers from the night before.

Do you have nifty ways to make or save money? I would love to know what your ideas are!

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