I have never told you this but I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with blusher. It’s always either too light to the point you can’t see it with my olive skin tone or it’s far too bright and leaves me looking as though I have just walked out of a circus. Recently, I have learnt that the blusher and bronzer combo helps to bring some kind of definition to your face and we always love a bit of colour. I love the Sleek Blush palettes and use them on a daily basis but I want to branch out my collection and explore other brands. Anyway back to the point; I wanted to share with you this palette from Makeup Revolution which has changed my life for the better…

The Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice includes eight lovely shades that are spot on for darker skin tones. The palette has a range of matte and slightly shimmered blushers, a baked highlighter and a baked blusher. It is super thin which makes it suitable for throwing in your travel makeup bag and has a lovely sized mirror too. My favourites have been the orange/peachy shade on the top row next to the highlighter and the shimmery bronze shade on the bottom corner. All of the shades really pigmented and complement each other extremely well. I have even been layering them up with each other when I am wanting something a bit extra. Another added extra is that they blend really nicely, you don’t need to rub the brush into your cheek to get a lot of colour which has partially been why I haven’t really enjoyed wearing blusher. It’s really affordably priced and I think the colours are quite versatile with the seasons of the year too.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution blushers before? What others would you recommend? Let me know what your favourite cruelty free blusher is.

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