This time next week I will be heading off to University for my second year. The year when things get real and start to count towards your degree. Most of my internet friends have finished their University degree by now but for those of you who haven’t started or will be going into their second or third year then this is for you. This year alongside University, I want to really up my blogging game both here and on Behind The Student as well as this I have a part time job too which helps me get by and afford the little luxuries from time to time. This is an example of what I think is a typical student life and trust me, you can handle all of them at the same time because bloggers are amazing at organising their time. Today I wanted to share a few of my favourite ways to keep on top of things.

Blog/Life Balance

A Notebook/Diary Is Your Life Saver! 

Have a list of products to take photos of? I make a list. Have a list of blog posts which need writing? I make a list. I have one where I keep all my notes for both blogs and it has been something I have carried around since starting. It’s perfect for jotting down your current favourites, wishlist items, technical problem solutions. It can be helpful on keeping track of the amount of spare time as well. I usually keep my notebook in my bag when I am out and about or next to my bed so it’s close if I get a sudden rush of ideas.

Do Everything In Bulk

A Sunday afternoon are usually my blogging days however I try to find sometime during the week as well if I’m not too busy. Setting time aside specifically for your blog means you can have posts scheduled days or weeks in advance. I try to take all my photos in natural lighting over the weekend and then write the posts on Sunday evening while joining in the Twitter chats. I feel so much better for it because everything can be published on time and all I need to concentrate on is promoting my content. Over here my posts are usually scheduled a week in advance and I usually schedule posts a month in advance on Behind The Student.

These days you can even schedule your own tweets and statuses for your blog through Hootsuite or Buffer however I find that I get more interaction when I don’t do this. I usually schedule tweets through busy periods of my personal life when I haven’t got time to spend ages on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget you can tag brands in your tweets so they can notice your content too.

Don’t Force Yourself

As much as I would love to blog daily, I can’t! And that’s okay. I have tried it and it becomes more of a chore than a hobby and that’s when you know something is wrong. However try and be consistent with your posts so your readers know when to expect something from you. The one thing I think is so important is to stick to your values and the main reason you blog in the first place! I blog because I love writing and want to share my cruelty free and vegan lifestyle whether that be food or beauty. If you remember this then you will see your following grow and more people visiting your blog.

Don’t Forget Your Day Job

Do you have a part time job? That’s probably the majority of you nodding at that question. You may have it for a little bit more income or because student finance doesn’t actually cover your living costs. That job which you have comes second. University comes first! This is what you are paying for to better your future right?! Your blog is your hobby which may help in job applications but not as much as your work and university experience. This is why the points I mentioned earlier can help you concentrate on these more if you are on top of your time management.

Enjoy Yourself! 

Remember, it’s a hobby so don’t stress about it! You have chose to write your blog because you enjoy it. It’s all about having fun! If you want to take the leap of faith and turn it into a career, think about it later. We all here to write about our obsessions with make up, food or fashion.

Have you got any tips, tricks or advice you would like to share?