When it comes to Lush, everyone is head over heels in love with the Christmas collection but I think my personal favourite is the Valentine’s Day collection. I am fully aware that everyone is still loving that sweet Snow Fairy scent but there’s something a little bit refreshing when the oh-so-famous Unicorn Horn returns to the shelves. Lovers Lamp and Prince Charming are back on the shelves for another month too which makes me super excited! After spending a good 40 minutes in Lush on Friday, I thought I would share with you the new products that have been released.

The first product that I spotted as I walked into my local store was the Lovestruck Bubble Bar. Inspired by the heart-eye emoji, you are bound to like the uplifting citrus scented bubble bar. It has lemon and geranium oils which gives it a lovely refreshing scent. If you were to make a bath cocktail, I reckon it would go really nice with the other products in the line, Avobath or Fizzbanger.

Although they already have Rose Bombshell in the line, they couldn’t help but welcome the Cupid Bath Bomb. Personally, I think this one is going to much like Cinders from a couple of years back, in the sense that it’s small but has a lot to offer. It is jam packed full of bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolutes which gives it the subtle sweet but still quite floral scent. I used this one on Sunday morning and I’ve already picked up two others since because it was just so relaxing. As it fizzes out into the water, it reveals beautiful shades of pink bound to make your heart flutter.

Out of all the new Valentine’s Day products, it’s the Two Hearts Beating As One which I am most excited about trying. Bath melts have become a recent favourite of mine, especially during the colder months because it makes the bath feel a lot more luxurious. They contain cocoa butter and almond oil which is great as moisturising and hydrating the skin as well as ylang ylang and apricot kennel oils, and rose and jasmine absolutes for the floral and rather seductive scent. What makes this product extra special is that you can split the hearts into two and give one to your partner or friend.

Lucky enough for me the Over And Over Bath Bomb isn’t a new addition because it has been on the Lush Kitchen before but I am so glad that I can get a hold of it in store for the next month or so. If your the type of person who loves the fruit scented bath bombs then this one will be perfect for you as citrus fragrance really comes through. It’s half covered with cocoa butter which leaves your skin feeling soft from the moment to relax in the bath. It is definitely the one to turn to when you need perking up whilst in the midst of January Blues. It looks lovely in the bath with a firework of pinks, oranges and golds unfolds in the bath. It works best if you get your bath extremely hot so the cocoa butter truly melts as it acts like a bath melt in the water.

What have you got your eye on in the Lush Valentines Collection this year?

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