Last month, I attended a Lush Interview for the Christmas Temp staff. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job however the lovely people from the store treated the interviewees to a bath bomb each. The bath bomb is the Lord Of Misrule from Christmas collection last year. 

When I put the bath ballistic in the bath it made the water go a lovely mermaid greeny blue colour. As you swirled it around the bath water turned a deep violet and ended with a midnight blue shade. It’s a really fast fizzing bath bomb which I quite liked. The fragrance was a lot like the Twilight bath bomb which they do sell. As the bath ballistic was fizzing, it was making popping noises as well, how exciting! Normally I know what’s what when it comes to Lush but this time, I really haven’t the foggiest.

Here’s some photos from the bath experience:
Do you know which bath bomb this is? What’s your favourite product from Lush Cosmetics?

*Disclaimer – This product was gifted to me as part of my interview process.