This week has been freezing but the one thing that keeps me going through the day is knowing I can have a lovely soak in a hot bubble bath when I get back home. The other day I decided to create a bath cocktail from the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Pumpkin Bath Bomb; it was so uplifting! I thought I would write a little review to tell you my thoughts and show off some demos.



First up was the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. If your no stranger to Lush then you have probably grabbed this sparkling treat a couple of times before. Personally, I love it! The added sparkle brightens your day and immediately uplifts your mood when you see the shinning glitter. I only used half the bubble bar and it created so many bubbles that I probably could have got away with splitting the bar into four. The cream of tartar softens your skin whilst the grapefruit and lime oils are really rejuvenating. The formula also has juniper berry oil which is really beneficial for oily, spot-prone skin as well as very dry skin such as eczema.


The Pumpkin Bath Bomb is a new addition to the Lush Halloween this year, and obviously I was most excited to give this little one a try when I got home. Unlike the bubble bar, Pumpkin has much more of a sweet scent that really comes through whilst it’s fizzing away in the bath. The cinnamon and vanilla absolute is blended with pimento berry oil to evoke the scent of fresh home baking. Pimento Berry Oil is rather special as it has many different qualities. The oil is a pale yellow shade which you can see in the images below that smells sweet and spicy. The oil can be used to treat chest infections and muscular pains or can be used to spice blends, marinades and mulled wine. Powdered berries can even be used to flavour puddings and cakes.




Overall, I absolutely loved the bath cocktail. It smelt amazing and uplifted my mood after a long day at work. I used a mix of Ghost, from the Lush Kitchen, and Lord of Misrule to lather on my body which both smelt equally amazing.

Do you make bath cocktails from your products? Let me know your thoughts about the newest Pumpkin addition to the Halloween range.


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