So I did a thing. I arranged my very first bloggers event last Sunday! Okay so I had another break from blogging but life as been getting me down lately and I needed some time to refresh. Anyway back to the event. There was only four of us so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with some of my northern favourites and meet someone new. The event was ran by Graeme who was so helpful and shown us round the shop, helped us make our very own Angels On Bare Skin and generally made our Sunday morning rather different and personal. I have a few photos from the event which I wanted to share with you today.






The first step was to add the wet ingredients into a large bowl. These included glycerine, distilled water and of course the fragrance which was rose absolute and lavender oil. The lavender oil is used in many of my favourite Lush products because it is brilliant at soothing irritated skin.



We then added the dry ingredients into the mixture. These included Kaolin that helps cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells and ground almonds to brighten and tone the skin.



We then needed to mix the ingredients using our hands to form a consistency rather like a cookie dough.





To finish, we rolled the cleanser into a rectangle shape and added some lavender before rolling into a swiss roll. We squished them into our own pots and added more lavender on the top for decoration. We were lucky enough to walk away with two rather full pots of our own Angels cleanser each so naturally I gave one to my work experience manager, Chloe.



We tested the product out on our hands before the tour round the shop. It made my hands feel so soft and instantly soothed my eczema which was really bad that day. I have previously wrote a more in depth review about the cleanser that you can read here.


Whilst talking to Graeme before the event, I wanted to share more of the vegan friendly products that they have on offer to us. He was kind enough to put together a gift bag for us to take home which included Avobath Bath Bomb, Brazilliant Shampoo Bar which has the same scent as the Sun perfume, a little tin of their Charity Pot and a block of the Love You Mum soap that was part of the limited edition collection for Mother’s Day. All in all, I think it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning and would like to thank Louise, Simone and Becca for coming along and also Graeme for hosting the morning.

Have you been to a Lush event before? Did you get to try making any of their products?