Monster’s Ball was most definitely the one I was intrigued by when I first saw the release of the Lush Halloween collection this year. Not only is the bath bomb bright and colourful but it looks so cute too. I have saved this one until last because it was, hands down, my most favourite bath bomb from all the new releases. Of course, I have been using Lord of Misrule but I actually think this one is my new Halloween favourite.





The scent of the bath bomb is rather sweet but quite fruity too. It’s definitely different compared to Pumpkin and Autumn Leaf that I have previously talked about. The bath bomb has lime and neroli oil which give the bomb a lovely citrus scent whilst the cream of tartar and cocoa butter soothes dry skin, moisturises the body and gives it the added sweetness. It also has olibanum oil within the formulation which covers the skin with a protective film that softens and minimise the appearance of fine lines, reduces spots and blemishes and is effective of de-hydrated skins like eczema-prone and dry skin. Personally, I think this is why it has quickly became my ultimate Halloween favourite from Lush this year.

The bath bomb fizzes quite quickly at first and then it begins to slow down as it reveals lovely shades of purples, pinks and blues which reminded me of the cold morning/evening skies during the winter months. Once the bomb has finished fizzing, it leaves with bath with a lovely navy blue/deep purple shade much like the night sky. If I was to recommend any of this years Halloween bath bombs, it would definitely be this one. It brightens your mood and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Have you tried Monster’s Ball yet? What’s your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


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