Last weekend I had an interview at my local Lush store, unfortunately I didn’t get it because there was so many others that had applied but I really liked the makeup look I created and thought it might be nice to share it with you. I don’t think I will be able to get away with it when I start my new job in September but at least it will be there for me at the weekends.

I started with my go-to foundation and concealer combo: B. Radiant Illuminating Foundation and a mix of light and medium Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer. The two/three just work well if your needing something for a bit more of a medium to full coverage. I use the lighter concealer underneath my dark circles which is a recent trick that I’ve come across. It makes me look a lot more awake and brightens my eyes up so much more than using the medium. The Barry M’s Afterglow Light Bronzer makes my skin look rather sun-kissed and glowing whilst the pink, neutral shade from M&S’s Pink Blush Palette adds some colour to my cheeks.



I knew I wanted to include Lush’s Motivation Eyeliner within the makeup look so I decided to dig out my older and much more colourful palettes to see what I could come up with. I blended W.O.S from the Naked Basics Palette on the inner corner of my eye and then dabbed on Jinx from the Book Of Shadows Volume 2 Palette. I have since found out that this has been discontinued however I believe that Haight is quite a similar colour. It was looking quite harsh on the eyes and I wanted it to be a lot more blended out and natural so I used a blending brush on my brow bone with Venus which made it a lot lighter. After lining my eyes with Motivation, I applied two layers of Barry M’s That’s How I Roll Mascara which works a treat if your wanting to add a bit of curl to your lashes.

Finally I applied Barry M’s Everything’s Rosie Lipstick and spritzed some of my beloved Snow Fairy Perfume and off I went to the interview. Overall, the whole interviewing experience was probably one of the best from them and hopefully I will have better look next time but for now I am going to continue to talk about my love for the company and the products over on my little old blog.



What do you think of this makeup look? Do you ever decide to use unusual shades? Let me know your thoughts.

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