Lush released their Halloween range on Friday and I couldn’t help but head down to Lush Newcastle and have a look in. With a couple of old classics, oh Lord of Misrule how I have missed you, we also welcome four new bath products to enjoy as well.

Lord of Misrule has been the holy grail product that everyone loves when the Halloween collection is released. It comes in a bath bomb and shower cream ready for you to indulge your evenings in a bath and escape the cold air. The Lord of Misrule scent is a spicy been of patchouli oil to give the uplifting, mood boosting effect whilst the black pepper oil gives it the spice. The bath bomb is packed full of vanilla absolute and popping candy. Personally, I choose this over anything else to have a bath with on fireworks night. Don’t be fooled by the green exterior of the bath bomb as it fizzes away to reveal a beautifully dark red coloured centre. The shower cream includes wheatgerm oil is what provides the shower gel with a rich, creamy feeling as you rub it over your skin. Did you know that black pepper oil is recommend for headaches, aching muscles, combat mental tiredness and as a natural pain reliever?

Sparkly Pumpkin is another product that has returned to the shelves for another year. If you are a Sunnyside Bubble Bar fan then you will more than like love Sparkly Pumpkin too. This uplifting bubble bar is full of lime, grapefruit and juniperberry oils which are all brilliant for uplifting your mood and balancing and protecting the skin. The cream of tartar is what helps soften the skin like with most other bubble bars that Lush sell.


Autumn Leaf is the first one that I got super excited about seeing. If you have ever had the Grass Shower Gel or Supertramp then it is a scent much like them. It has sandalwood oil which helps protect, soothe and soften the skin whilst the neroli and bergamot oils are really uplifting. It also has spring green lustre in the bath bomb to add a bit of sparkle to your evening. Another new addition is the Pumpkin bath bomb which goes perfectly with Sparkly Pumpkin. Unlike Autumn Leaf, it smells unbelievably citrusy! The vanilla absolute gives it the sweet scent whilst the pimento berry oil gives it the strong fruit fragrance.

The final bath bomb that was added to the collection is Monster’s Ball. If you are a dry skin suffer like myself then you will love this bath bomb. His eye is actually a miniature bath melt packed full of skin softening fair trade organic cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is really nourishing on dry skin and eczema. The bath bomb itself has lime and neroli oil to help uplift your mood. It also has himalayan rock salt which has natural antiseptic and astringent properties of salt. It helps to brighten the skin by boosting the blood circulation.

Finally, I picked up the bath melt, Boo. If you managed to pick up the Ginger shower gel in the Kitchen then you will more than likely recognise the scent almost immediately after smelling the product. It has calming mimosa and warming ginger that makes you feel super relaxed before heading to bed. The fair trade organic cocoa butter is brilliant for dry skin and eczema whilst the sandalwood creates a gentle woody scent. If you want to saviour him, it is possible to half him and get two baths from Boo.

Have you picked up any of the products from the Halloween collection? Let me know which one is your favourite.

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