So I picked up some of the Father’s Day bits that have been released in Lush recently. They are so lovely and unique and as per usual I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the products.


The first product I picked up was the Superdad Bath Bomb. Surprisingly it smells so summery and sweet which I really love. Olibanum oil calms the mind and body which is ideal for those of you who are quite busy bees and need some time to relax. It is super fizzy as well which I hope you are able to see in the video below. The last bath product I picked up was The Modfather Bubble Bar which smells completely different to the bath bomb. It has Brazilian Orange oil in the formula to uplift your mood. I crumbled a quarter of this bar in the bath and it created a wonderful blanket of bubbles. When I created a bath cocktail with the both of them, it left my skin feeling super soft.

I haven’t tried many of the Lush Shampoo Bar’s although I know they last such a long time because I still am using New after nearly a year after purchasing it. I picked up the Smuggler’s Soul Shampoo Bar which has chunks of cocoa butter and lemongrass oil. Not only does it deep clean your hair but it is such a hydrating bar to use on your hair. I have heard that you shouldn’t need to use Conditioner with this bar however for me I have been using Coconut Oil or American Cream. Edd has been using the bar as well and has left his hair feeling super soft and smelling lovely as well. When I have discussed the products with him, he said that this was one of his favourites which he would use daily.

Lastly I picked up the Smuggler’s Soul Facial Scrub. This scrub is amazing for taking off your makeup although it is similar to an exfoliator so it is quite rough on your skin. The bamboo granules exfoliate and brighten your skin while the cucumber cools the skin down. Other ingredients include: Extra Virgin Olive Oil to moisturise and protect, Argan Oil for repairing the skin, Rose Hip Oil which has essential vitamins in for super soft skin and Lemongrass Oil which aids the uplifting scent.

There’s also a choice of the Thanks Dad soap which is similar to the Sunrise soap from the Mother’s Day collection, Smuggler’s Soul Multi-Purpose Cream and a range of gift sets for Father’s Day including the Papa Bear gift set which includes a scarf that is made out of recycled products which is pretty amazing.


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