If you have been a long time reader, you will know that I suffer from sensitive skin. I can’t remember how long I have had it for but I know that it has an effect on my self confidence especially with eczema effecting my hands and arms most of the year. You may have also read my review about Dream Cream that has helped me out for the past four years. However I may have found something that works just as good, if not better!

Elbow Grease Moisturising Bar Review

Elbow Grease – a moisturising bar designed to brighten tattoos but is perfect for sensitive and easily upset skins. It contains: coconut oil, cupuacu butter and murumuru butter to hydrate, moisturise and soften the skin and orange flower blossom, ylang ylang and neroli oils for an intense floral and uplifting scent to brighten your day. The texture of Elbow Grease is extremely different from Dream Cream as well. The bar is extremely soothing and oily so you don’t need a lot for it to work wonders. I originally brought Elbow Grease to heal my tattoos instead of using Bepanthen, a non cruelty free or vegan product which tattooists recommend.

Not only has this little number kept the colour in my tattoos since having them done but it has done wonders for my eczema. Don’t get me wrong, I still love and will always use Dream Cream however it’s nice to have found something that I could switch between. I also use the Dreamwash Roulade- a shower smoothie aimed to cool and soothe sore or sensitive skin. I think if you’re currently suffering from eczema or any irritating skin problems especially due to the colder weather then it’s definitely worth trying any of these products. At £5.95, it is extremely affordable if you looking for something that will ease and restore your upset skin. Another great factor I like about Elbow Grease is that it’s vegan friendly too! One of the things I do love about Lush is that you will be able to try a sample of the product before you buy the whole thing.

What’s your opinion on Elbow Grease? Have you ever used it before?