Today’s post is going to be dedicated to my recent love: Lush Kitchen. Needless to say that I have been addicted. Ever since I went vegan in October last year, Lush is probably the only brand I really trust when it comes to skincare and makeup (even though I have never actually tried their range yet). Recently I have explored their Kitchen service where you can pick up exclusive new products, retro favourites and pre-releases before they come out in the shop. The service itself is really quick and you usually get the products within the same week of ordering because the products are made fresh and as an added bonus with each order you receive a signed image of who made the product. I am going to share with you what I picked up.

Lush Cosmetics Starcraft Cleanser

First up is the Starcraft Cleanser. The cleanser is made from Oat Milk, Lavender Infusions and Almond Oil which are probably my favourite ingredients due to their calming, soothing and balancing qualities. The scent reminds me of Dream Cream, my well loved moisturiser which I have recently found out is brilliant for the tattoo healing process. I have found that the cleanser makes me skin really soft and leaves it feeling moisturised. It also removes makeup extremely well. I have been using it with the Eau Roma Water toner and the two together work really well.

Lush Cosmetics Summer Pudding Soap

Lush Cosmetics Summer Pudding Soap

I also treated myself to 100g of the Summer Pudding soap. First of all the scent is amazing!! It’s brilliant for summer (as the product name suggests). If you like the sweet scents from Lush like Snow Fairy and the Comforter then you will love this soap and is a must if they ever offer it in the future. The soap contains ground almonds that help to exfoliate the skin and lemon oil which brightens the skin. Buchu and Juniperberries work with the lemon oil to help cleanse and balance the skin. I am absolutely obsessed with the scent and the soap in general.

Have you used the Kitchen service before? What’s your thoughts?