I can’t get over how fast the end of 2018 is going! I don’t know about any of you but it feels as though I’ve blinked and Summer has disappeared and then suddenly everyone is talking about Christmas plans. I wasn’t really feeling it until the other week when I was kindly invited for a Christmas preview event at Lush Newcastle.

The event was lovely! There was only a few of us but we were given an in-depth guided tour of all the new products which allowed us to  experiment with the products and see all of the bath bombs, bubble bars and skincare products. It looked as though Christmas had hit the store in full force which is one of the many things that I love about seeing all the festivities taking place.

There has been so many new products this year and I’m kinda loving it! A few of my usual favourites have returned including Shoot For The Stars, Golden Wonder and Snow Fairy Shower Gel (my personal favourite) but there are also some new ones that are still on my wish list. I thought I would pick up a couple of the new and exciting products to try.

Bubble bars are one of my favourite products that Lush do, especially around Christmas time. The first one that I picked up was Puddy Holly which is the only Christmas Bubbleroon. It smells exactly the same as marzipan so if you are into sweet scents then this one is definitely for you. I love the silver glitter coated all over it too but perhaps that is just my personal choice. You would expect Candy Cane to have a minty smell however that’s not the case; it has bergamot and sicilian lemon oils giving the bubble bar a rather citrus scent which enhances when crumbled in the hot water. I love unique scents so when I smelt the strawberry scented Naughty Elf, he landed in my basket. He has violet leaf and mango absolute in the formulation so he smells quite refreshing and uplifting.

I’m so excited to get my hands on the Sleepy Shower Gel. I use the body lotion every night as the lavender helps me feel relaxed when the insomnia kicks in during the evening. I can’t wait to have a bubble bath with this one when I’m struggling to sleep however it was the Cinders Shower Gel which really was the star of the show for me. I can’t describe the scent but it just smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It’s a stronger marzipan scent than Puddy Holly but it also contains pumpkin seed oil which moisturises and nourishes the skin. Can you imagine having a refreshing shower with this on a winter morning? I can’t wait!

When it comes to bath bombs, I treated myself to the Cheery Christmas bath bomb because it just looks stunning when in the water. It also shares a similar scent to Snow Fairy and the Comforter with strong blackcurrant. It smells so good! I also picked up Perle De Sel because the scent was quite relaxing. I find anything with rose absolute relaxing but it also looks quite luxurious with African salt pearls.

Finally, I picked up a bottle of Snow Fairy Body Spray! Yes you have just read that correctly! It’s quite pricey however it smells exactly the same as the classic candy floss and bubblegum scent that most Christmas Lush fanatics fall head over heels in love with. I picked one up for a birthday present but I wanted to get a bottle for myself.

Are you excited by this year’s Lush Christmas range? I definitely want to get the Gingerbread Man moisturising bar and Once Upon A Time body lotion. You can see the entire range on their website. Let me know your favourite in the comments!

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