Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap, £4.25 per 100g

On Friday, I headed across the country for the Lush Carlisle bloggers event to check out all the new Easter goodies. The lovely girls even gave us a chance to make a couple of our own products too!

Humpty Dumpty, £6.95

Humpty Dumpty is one of the new bath bombs added to the collection this year. Similar to Which Came First?, Humpty Dumpty can be split into a maximum of three baths, or you could just use the whole thing in one. When it’s cracked open, it reveals a tiny little egg which I think would be a perfect match to go with one of the bubble bars in the collection. The bath bomb contains bergamot and Brazilian orange oil which is bound to crack a smile out of you when you’re feeling down!

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, £4.25

Next up is a returning product from last year and my personal fave; the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar. Chelsea, one of the lovely girls explaining and showcasing us the products, told us that Ultraviolet is meant to represent the dark side of the rainbow. This sweet floral treat is packed full of Violet and Jasmine Absolute, Rosewood Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil but in simple terms the scent is extremely similar to Parma Violet sweets.

Bunch of Carrots, £6.25

A Bunch of Carrots is back but with a little twist. The colours of the carrots are distinctively different from last year but I think that’s why I personally love them. You could use them all together or separate from each other. Each carrot can be used up to five times so you are essentially getting nearly 15 baths out of them which is insane! The ingredients include Buchu, Lemon and Grapefruit Oils as well as Cream of Tartar which helps to soften the skin. I think without this Easter staple, life at Lush just wouldn’t be the same.

Fluffy Egg, £2.95

Golden Egg, £3.95

Fluffy Egg and Golden Egg are another of Lush’s Easter classics. Fluffy Egg has the irresistible scent of Snow Fairy from the Christmas collection which is perfect for me because both Magic Wand and Candy Mountain have ran out until later this year. The candy floss scent lingers across your body for the following 24hrs and is definitely one of my favourite scents! Whereas Golden Egg is there to add some sparkle to your day. Packed with cocoa butter and olive oil for the soft and moisturising effects and bergamot and wild orange oils to uplift your mood, it’s bound to make your day eggcellent!

Which Came First? Bath Bomb, £6.95

Last but not least is Which Came First?, previously known as Immaculate Eggception last year. As always it can be cracked open for you to use in three separate baths or you can be greedy and use the whole entire egg. This year it reveals an adorable chick inside which I think is so cute! Similar to other products in the collection, it’s packed full of Lemon and Grapefruit Oils to uplift your mood and Vanilla Absolute for that added extra sweetness. I loved seeing the colours blend together during the demo however the final shade that the bath may turn has made me want to use the little chick separate from the egg itself as it’s similar to the Experimenter.

After watching all the demos and listening to the lovely girls enthusiastically talk about all the new additions it was time to start making our own products and get our hands dirty. First on the list was Creamy Candy Bubble Bar which is one of my favourites. Can any Lush fans guess why? Yes, it smells like Snow Fairy goodness! We were given quite a lot of product to play with so I halved mine and attempted to make a replica of the product itself and a Fluffy Egg’ version. I would love to know what you think though!

We also made Angels On Bare Skin which is one of my favourite cleansers. If you have dry and sensitive skin then this is the one for you because it has lavender oil and rose absolute that is brilliant for calming the skin, kaolin to absorb the grease and dirt and ground almonds that turn into almond milk when mixed to a paste. This helps to tone and brighten the skin. I have made this product previously so if your interested in how to make the product itself you can read more in-depth information here.

Before we left there was a chance to get a lovely hand massage with Angels on Bare Skin and Dream Cream which are my ultimate faves when my eczema flares up on my hands. Honestly, this combination of products is brilliant and I would really recommend you trying them out if you have dry skin too!

To summarise, I am so happy that we travelled across the country. I have met some amazing girls who work at the Carlisle store as well as having a lovely time. The thing that I am most proud of though is combating that anxiety and doing something out of my comfort zone!

Have you been to any Lush events before? Let me know what your favourite Easter product is this year!

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