Lush bubble wands are possibly my favourite things about the Christmas release every year. They are a great stocking filler, a fantastic secret santa present and are generally a lovely addition to any bath when you come in from Christmas shopping or a casual day at work or university. This year they have doubled their selection with two new additions so I thought I better give them all an introduction in case your in need of a last minute gift. Although this would be the first thing on my list…

Magic Wand, £5.95. Let’s start of with the classic Magic Wand. The Snow Fairy scented wand as been a love of many ever since it was first released. The bright pink formulation creates beautiful fairy-like bubbles underneath running water and the touch of silver lustre makes it extra special.

Jester, £6.50. Jester is one of the new bubble wands added into the Christmas range this year. It has a subtle orange citrus scent much like that of the Bubbly shower gel which I quite like. I like how the scent isn’t too overpowering which means you can throw in your bath bomb to create a cocktail and both scents won’t be affected. It has a mix of tangerine, Sicilian mandarin and bergamot oils which means the fragrance can really uplift your mood.

The Magic of Christmas, £5.95. I believe that The Magic of Christmas was first released last year (correct me if I am wrong). I like how unlike the others, it’s on a cinnamon stick which makes it even more festive than the others. Personally, the scent is quite warming which I believe is down to the almond essential oils, sweet orange and cinnamon leaf oils. It also has fair trade organic clove which help to stimulate the skin and boost circulation.

Santasaurus, £5.95. Similarly to Jester, Santasaurus is another new addition this year. It has Brazilian orange and bergamot oils which gives it a lovely uplifting fragrance. It is rather similar to Jester but believe it or not the two bubble wands are unique in their own different ways. Santasaurus feels a lot more refreshing and awakening, perhaps one that you would use to kick start a productive winters morning whereas Jester is one that I would use in the cold evenings.

Have you ever had one of the Lush bubble wands? Which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely The Magic of Christmas!

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